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EWC 2017 I know how to get to France, but I don't know how to get my GT to France

Discussion in 'Evolve Word Cup (EWC)' started by GT305, Dec 20, 2016.

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  1. GT305

    GT305 Member


    since this is a worldcup, I'm assuming that people outside of France (or Europe) are also joining.

    What are the options to take your GT with you, when you have to fly? Sounds like an issue, which needs to be resolved conveniently for anybody who is interested and has to jump on an airplane.

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  2. TheWhizz

    TheWhizz Member

    I guess only way to do this is to remove the batterypack and ship this separately to your destination. The Evolve board without battery should be no problem to get checked in but I would still check this and have this confirmed before you fly out.
  3. Alex

    Alex Admin

    Andy and Rastarocket06 might have some experience with this from the last event.

    Will there be batteries available for visitors to rent there guys? Or do they need to ship them via sea/land perhaps?
  4. Andy

    Andy Mod

    There is defo a ship option. Not sure if would be spare batteries as last one at this year WC got lost!! :(

    Checkin with US Captian SoCal Legend to see what he has up his sleeve :punch::punch::thumbsup::beers:
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  5. SoCal Legend

    SoCal Legend Member

    Andy really can't tell you what's up my sleeve but we are shipping batteries from the US to mark distributor for the UK.. or he might have some we can use..
  6. Alex

    Alex Admin

    Would be good to maybe try and setup some kind of reservation system for them if there's high demand from US attendees and other people who are flying to the event.

    Provided it's possible to get enough batteries together from Mark at Evolve UK (and/or) the other distributors based in Europe to make it work.
  7. SoCal Legend

    SoCal Legend Member

    As of right now we have 12 Riders from the USA going to France
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  8. Alex

    Alex Admin

    Nice, all from the Cali area? Or does that include people you've heard from in other parts of the country?
  9. Evolve UK

    Evolve UK Member

    Hey guys. I have spoken to Travis just now in Australia and flagged the situation. I think we will look at getting some extra batteries at the WC to assist. I don't know the details, but it is still early days and I expect there will be much better options available for the USA team and others abroad, than shipping their batteries. Give it some time we will see what we can sort out to make things easy for you guys. Fantastic...12 from the USA!! Brilliant.
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