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I Dislike Allen key bolts with a passion.

Discussion in 'General Eskate Chat' started by Wallie, Feb 10, 2020.

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  1. Wallie

    Wallie Member

    so attempting to loosen my motor mount bolts so i can switch my street wheels to a set of AT's, and chewed out 1 of the Allan Key's trying to get the ******* undone....... Gah, lucky my AT conversion kit came with 4 spare bolts, cut a slit in it with the dremel and remove it with a Flathead screw driver. ok 1 side done which has taken me nearly 2 hrs as it turns out i didn't have a small cutting tool for the dremel so a quick visit to my local hardware store, start loosening the other side motor mounts... bloody tight and chew out a second bolt, well im prepared now cut another bolt and undo. 2.5hrs to install the AT wheels. ive now ordered some new bolts with Phillips head on them as replacement. I HATE ALLEN KEY bolts i always end up stripping at least 1 of them.

    End of my Rant and im sure there's other's out there who have done the same.

    FYI the bolts are an M4x8mm with machine screw pan head for anyone needing to replace them.
  2. Louis. F

    Louis. F Member

    What Allen keys do you use for god sake? If you use cheap stuff then of course you are going to bigger the Allen bolts. Use quality tools like Wera hex key set and you want have that problem. Also evolve bolts are also cheap cheap Chinese alloy so yeah good thing you changed them.
  3. coalmonkey

    coalmonkey Member

    Yeah did the same last week, was going to play with my belt tension but can’t remove any of the bolts. Used the tool that comes with the board but it’s a really bad fitting.
    For the price of the board, you would think they would give you some good quality tools.

    Thinking about sending it in for evolve to sort out, can’t be arsed to waste a few hours messing it up.
  4. David

    David Member

    Thanks Louie for the tip on Wera hex keys. Found a nice set of metric and regular on Amazon.
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  5. OP

    Wallie Member

    I used the 1 that comes with the board, ive since purchased a set Kinchrome Allen keys
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  6. Louis. F

    Louis. F Member

    Great! The ones that come with the board are sooo bad. I stripped the 2.5mm ones on my carbon GT lid and was so mad myself.

    Glad I could be of help ✌

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