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I created the most comfortable street wheel: Hollow Wheel

Discussion in 'General Eskate Chat' started by goodmomentum, Sep 13, 2020.

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  1. goodmomentum

    goodmomentum Member

    Hey Guys,

    I’m Doug. I’ve been working on this project for the past 2 years. I made hundreds of molds, made possible by 3D printing and then cast urethane into it. I took the most popular wheels on the market and redesigned them and also drew inspiration from my past engineering experiences in engine design and also suspension engineering when I worked on a small open-wheel race car team.


    I’m very confident that I created the most comfortable PU wheel with the most grip as well. I have a lot of data and back to back (CloudWheel, TB110, ABEC 107, etc.) comparisons. I’ve put together to quantify that and also recorded some cool videos to display that exactly (see below). I’d say it is unique because it is completely hollow to A) reduce weight, B) provide superior impact absorption C) provide really low rolling resistance D) provide very high grip.

    I just wanted to create an official Evolve forum post to keep people up to date. The tooling is nearly completed from the factory and it’s getting really close to the final release. I’m very excited! There are some people here that already got in the presale, but I just wanted to create one post to keep everything up to date.


    Watch this video of the Hollow Wheel in action compared to other wheels:

    Here is a video that I put together from an ESK8 road course event:

    During these years, I’ve worked with a lot of beta testers and got a dizzying array of feedback. One thing for sure is that people have their own riding style and want different things. So I took the packaging constraints and designed a system where you can essentially adjust the ride characteristics with “adjustable suspension inserts”. I don’t have a good marketing name, but it sounds fancy enough. Nevertheless, you can change the weight, the sidewall stiffness, and radial stiffness with these inserts in order to fine-tune the level of comfort, grip, or range that you so do desire.

    The tooling is expected to be completed from the factory end of this week and then we have to make the initial production samples for production. I’m really, really excited. Can’t wait to share.

    What is everyone’s thoughts? Any questions?

    Thanks, Doug
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  2. mtbjonboy

    mtbjonboy Member

    Those look awesome and much needed to bridge the gap between AT and street without sending you off the boards like cloud wheels seem to.
    I was wondering about drilling some holes in 107's for more compliance.
    Have you done any longevity testing? the join between the outer part and main wheel looks like a potential week point.
    Is the introductory price still available?
  3. Kirmy

    Kirmy Member

    I trust you are safe and well. How are you getting on with releasing these supplies? What would the cost and shipping to the U.K? Cheers :)

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