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How to dye your wheels and my experience with the 97mm Abec 11.

Discussion in 'Evolve Skateboard Guides' started by saagri, Jun 15, 2017.

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  1. saagri

    saagri Member

    Hello all, this is my first post here. I just got the 97mm Abec 11 wheels in the mail and wanted to share my initial experience.

    The reason I got them was because the stock wheels were not comfortable on sidewalks for me. Looking around I heard the 97mm wheels were more comfortable. However, I almost didn't get the new wheels because I absolutely hated the color. Shortly later I found an instructable on the very subject.

    Following the instructions I got from this:
    To this:

    Some notes on the process:
    -I used 7oz of liquid RIT dye, graphite color, from a local store with a sewing/knitting section.
    -On the bottle it recommended 180-200 some degrees Fahrenheit for the duration of the dyeing process. I kept it at a simmer with less than 160 degree Fahrenheit.
    -After the 5 minute mark the wheels were already black with just a slight green that I could see beneath it. 10 minutes was probably enough but I went with 20 just to be sure.
    -When I bought the wheels I didn't realize that it would only be the wheels. I had to reuse the spacers,washers, and bearings from the stock wheels. It took awhile to get the bearings off but I discovered the wiggling technique from Evolve's Youtube video on installing new wheels. It also took my awhile to find the washer I lost <_<

    As for the ride I can happily say that the wheels definitely took a lot of the shock I was experiencing on sidewalk cracks. I hit up to 18mph and the ride, while still bumpy, was perfectly bearable. I did notice a slight decrease in acceleration of course. I don't think it is too bad but I also bought a set of 38 teeth gears if I want some of the acceleration back.

    On the other hand the cruising speed on ECO is nice and I can still go up all the hills I used to. I tried GT and flooring the motors didn't feel like it was going to throw me off unlike with the 83's. But man, getting up to 26mph was quite the rush.
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  2. thanks for the heads up... I stopped myself buying the abec 11 as I totally hate the green colour as well...

    need it to be less visible not attract more attention.
  3. OP

    saagri Member

    You're welcome. Although this might not be needed since the new Bamboo GTX will have 97mm stone ground finished tires that are black on the outside with a white interior.
  4. Laleyenda

    Laleyenda Member

    This is so nice!!!!!
  5. destructo8

    destructo8 Member

    did the color wear off over time?
  6. OP

    saagri Member

    I started using the all terrain wheels a few months after I dyed these wheels so I can't really comment on longevity but in the short time I used them I didn't see any of the color wearing off.
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  7. Is like to know if the process can weak the wheels, letting it more fragile or sucetible to cracks?
  8. OP

    saagri Member

    The wheels did not suffer any damage when I used them. I didn't go out of my way to test it however and I used them on regular road/sidewalk.
  9. destructo8

    destructo8 Member

    you have inspired me.....ordering some supplies
  10. OP

    saagri Member

    Hope it works out!

    Man this thread got a lot of activity lately.
  11. alexluthor

    alexluthor Member

    RIT dye in powder form or any other powdered cloth dye.Your local supermarket or craft store should carry it.I'm using the colour Aubergine,a weird dark shade of purple,but you don't have to.

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