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High speed sudden stop!

Discussion in 'Carbon' started by Romanskate, Dec 1, 2018.

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  1. Romanskate

    Romanskate Member

    I have been riding Evolve boards since their inception, I still own my Gen 1 Pintail.
    Last year I bought a Carbon GT AT, and for a good chunk of this year I have been commuting on it. The board is simply superb, it is fast, smooth, handles brilliantly, and I just love riding it.
    Two days ago on my ride home, cruising at 33kph on the bikeway (as I have done hundreds of times before)....the board just STOPPED without warning, throwing me forwards onto the cement path with great force. It scared the crap out of me, I was dazed, shocked and confused as to what had just happened.
    I have been off work since the accident as I landed heavily on my left hand and it is so swollen I cannot even pick up a cup. I also have 4 stiches to my elbow and heavy bruising on my left hip and thigh.

    Was it me??
    I have recreated my riding position here to see if I hit the brake button by mistake, but that is not possible.
    Pre accident...
    The board was low on power going up my usual hill, so I stopped turned off the R2 remote and re-paired it, then the board was again at full power.
    Post accident....
    When I picked myself up the board was only a body length in front of me telling me it was either braking or had minimal acceleration.
    It was still connected and in GT mode.

    I have sent the board and controller to Evolve, but the fellow on the phone said that they found it impossible to recreate the incident I speak of, this tells me that they have had this issue before.
    Unfortunately this incident has made me question my faith in Evolve.....I have trusted their boards completely, but now I am not sure if I can ever ride them again as I cannot ride with such a known threat hanging over me. Plus this fault could cause much more serious injuries or even death.
  2. Rreas

    Rreas Member

    Like romanskate the same thing happened today..battery was below 50 percent and at 19 mph the board braked and I took a very hard spill. Heavy coat and jeans saved legs and arms but hands and nose plus cheek are hurt. I’ll use the full faced helmets and gloves from here on out and that’s if I get back on it...I’m mostly sure I didn’t accidentally touch the brakes...brought off of eBay so wondering if I need a software update...using the new r2 remote...very comfortable on a long board (I’ve land paddled about 2900 miles per year since 2015) but I have realized these boards are a different beast than a unpowered long b.

    A 20 mph fall is not for the faint hearted!

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