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Heyy is this the right way to connect the battery ?

Discussion in 'DIY & Custom Built Boards' started by Ivan Kuzmin, Apr 6, 2019.

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  1. Ivan Kuzmin

    Ivan Kuzmin Member

    Sorry i am not good at this so dont yell at me xD

    i have 1 a lil bigger cable connectet to the - on the battery, and 1 (p-) from the BMS and 1 coming from an connector with 2 cables (1 comes from + of the battery) wich connects to the controller and then the motors
    if i am correct i connect the lil red cable to the charge-port (white electric tape at the charge port) and then the 3 cables from the connector, BMS and battery(also in white e-tape) (i dont want to solder at the batterys i do it too rarely, barely any experience thats why i have the bigger cable coming from the -)

    please write in rather easy terms, english is my 3rd language so sorry for it being broken xD

    Btw someone else i asked said that it would be right to change p- and b- at the BMS (b- being blue atm in the picture) but he also said that there is no real difference except for the schematics being then as they should be IMG_20190406_211442.jpg

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