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Hello from Brighton

Discussion in 'New Members - Say hello in here!' started by wardth, Mar 4, 2019.

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  1. wardth

    wardth Member

    Hi Guys

    In the process of deciding on a new board so figured I should join to get the skinny win the Evolve's.

    I've had a Yuneec since they first came out - about four years I think and had loads of fun.

    When I first got mine, it was a rare thing to see one and I used to get stopped all the time in London on the South Bank by people asking about the board. Now the battery is on its way out and I've been looking Evolve for ages.
    The current money off promotion looks good but I do wonder / worry this is a precursor to a Carbon GT2 or something and I would NOT be pleased if they dropped a brand newer board a month after I bought one so any info in this respect would be appreciated.

    Incidentally I grew up riding a Benjiboard with Trackers and old green Kryps at Skate City, Meanwhile, Old Kent Road, Stockwell etc. Im 53 now so I suppose I'm one of the "Old Skool"!!!

    Also anybody do rides down my way?


  2. Tadas

    Tadas Member

    Hi, I was having the same dilemma. When I asked Evoleve stuff the same question, before I bought my board, and I been explained that they are not bringing new board for at least year or two, so that was good enough answer for me.
    Hope this helps.

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