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Has anyone tried these replacement belts on EBay

Discussion in 'Skate Equipment, Safety Gear & Spares' started by walterafable, Apr 2, 2018.

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  1. walterafable

    walterafable Member

  2. OP

    walterafable Member

    It took 25 days to arrive (from China to California), but the quality of the belts looks perfectly fine for a backup set. $6 for the pair, plus $5 shipping. Sure beats $25 each!

  3. briggs2326

    briggs2326 Member

    Have you equipped these yet? If so, how has it been so far?

    Edit: Crap, I just realized you got them in 260mm. I'm looking for a cheep replacement for the AT wheels (which I think need to be 360mm). I'm still curious to know how your experience with these has been though.
  4. OP

    walterafable Member

    They're awesome. No problems whatsoever. Nice and thick. Haven't ripped or shown any unexpected signs of wear.
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  5. D. Brewer

    D. Brewer Member

    Im trying to find a cheaper replacement for the 58 tooth AT speed upgrade belts from boardbumpers any suggestions??
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  6. fs996

    fs996 Member

    Search ebay for 255-5m-15, plenty for sale. I picked up a couple for spares, they seem fine.
  7. D. Brewer

    D. Brewer Member

    Ok will do thanks!!
  8. Matt N

    Matt N Member

    How long does the belt need to be for a 47 tooth all terrain gear?
    I just bought the gears for my new GTR Bamboo to hopefully get more torque on the think grass. Also hoping it overheats less quickly with the smaller AT gear.
    Can anyone help me with the size? 5mm tooth and 15mil wide right? But how about diameter?

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