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Guide for bamboo 2nd gen AT change?

Discussion in 'Evolve Skateboard Guides' started by NJNJ, Apr 30, 2021.

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  1. NJNJ

    NJNJ Member

    Hi there, 3 questions I hope somebody help me with, or can get me in the right direction.

    First one, does anybody have a how to guide for the street to AT switch for the bamboo 2nd gen? I have seen content for GT and newer but not for 2nd gen. Toolkit doesn't fit on the beltcover so I think there're different steps for 2nd gen.

    Second question, after riding today (bit wet asfalt) at some point I felt I couldn't make clean corners anymore, felt like the rear drifted away. When I place it on the ground it slowly moves to the left side, not a supposed straight line what could cause this and whats the advice to fix, take it apart and put it back togehter?

    Last but not least I can't switch of my battery anymore, the light stays red and doesn't respond on the power switch any ideas / suggestions how to (hard) reset this, and could it be linked to other problems I described? thanks in advance.


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