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Guidance please

Discussion in 'General Eskate Chat' started by RustyHooks, Feb 6, 2020.

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  1. RustyHooks

    RustyHooks Member

    Hey everyone so I'm absolutely green to all this. Grew up riding, traded my boards in for skis and spent the next 4 yrs competing on the world pro mogul tour. Made the US Fresstyle team in 92 and broke my collarbone 16 weeks before the olympics....then became a ups driver for 25 yrs,lol

    Now I'm 52, retired in Siesta Key Florida and I want a mountainboard baaaad!!

    So heres my conundrum. I'm willing to put $700 or so into my first board but I'm not sure which direction to go. I'm pretty mechanical, have a garage full of tools but it seems the real knowledge needed here is in electronics. That's not me. I've built a few big car audio systems but those are mostly plug and play aside from the crossovers and amp settings...this stuff seems a bit more tricky. I'm sure I'll be getting to know some of you as I learn, Im not afraid to ask questions and from reading in here, you guys know your ****!

    I'd love to build my own if someone could put together a list of parts I would need to build a board that is good for cruising to the market (1/2 mile) cruising the neighborhood but the MAIN use would be for on the beach. I live 3 blocks from Siesta key beach which has hard packed and soft sand, need something that can handle both. We have a drum circle on sunday nights and some dudes showed up with one wheels and a mountainboard and I got bit by the bug....I'm in.

    So the big question is should I just build or just buy one? Is there anything in the $700 range that would be able to do what I want? (Dont know if it matters but I weigh 138 lbs)

    I'd prefer to build one so I can learn more as I go but I'm open to anything. I surfed the "for sale" section, didnt look like anything in there would apply unfortunately.

    Any help or input is greatly appreciated, thanks everyone!
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2020
  2. OP

    RustyHooks Member

    possible, I'd like to get something that has lights or can have lights added to after. I know, I'm asking alot for $700 but Im.hoping someone here can help me put something together.
  3. David

    David Member

    Mboards electric DIY electric skateboard parts out of Las Vegas is where I would go , if I was going to build an E board. A quality E board is gonna be some $s. But what a ride they are. My Evolve GTR range amazes me every time I ride. And the terrain those AT tires can handle really gives confidence while changing surfaces. The carving is insane. I just did a 6hr. tune up on mine . Good luck getting an E board.
  4. Squaff

    Squaff Member

    With $700 is gonna be hard, maybe if you lucky check on eBay , sometimes the bamboo gt goes around that price but you gonna have to spend some money for new batteries. Once you get your board you could always make small modifications as you go.
    Also check the esk8 forum, you gonna find everything you need to know and Manny people that could help you out with all your questions for diy.

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