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GTX battery upgrade 10s5p 30q

Discussion in 'General Eskate Chat' started by Deco-Stop, May 9, 2018.

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  1. OP

    Deco-Stop Member

    I finally got an extra gtx enclosure. I’m going to take out the spacer and plastic weld the two stock enclosures together making one long original looking enclosure. Just have to go pick up a plastic welder. Sorry for the delays. With summer here in the USA I have not had any time to work on this further.
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  2. keem85

    keem85 Member

    Hey @Deco-Stop ! :) Really nice build. I have a question about your 10s5p here.. Did you use the already existing screw holes when expanding the battery box? If yes, did you still have to drill two new holes at the end, or are you still just using 8 screws?

    I'm planning to do the exact same with my second generation Evolve (Bustin limited). It's a long deck, and I think I can fit it on to that one aswell

  3. OP

    Deco-Stop Member

    I am using the 8 screws and drilled new holes in the deck.
  4. blackjackel

    blackjackel Member

    You are my hero
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  5. Slybarman

    Slybarman Member

    Great work!
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  6. 2ndLastJedi

    2ndLastJedi Member

    I dub you Macgyver :p
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  7. EugeneEwing

    EugeneEwing Member

    Wow. Incredible Work!
  8. dannyboyski

    dannyboyski Member

    Awesome @Deco-Stop,

    How much did you have to router away from the deck? Do you have any pics of this?

    Assuming you didn't bother with extending the casing, is 10s4p the largest suitable configuration that would fit? I'm going to hazard a guess you spent some time thinking of possible configurations!

    Great Knowledge and awesome DIY skills, the plastic welding is exemplary!

    Remote still good? no dropouts?

    Are you able to share any useful build resources you may have stumbled across?

    Ps car body filler is v good for filling wood. Dries fast too! Easy to sand.

    Ride safe.

  9. Tad2009 UK

    Tad2009 UK Member


    I did a same upgrade with a carbon GT - samsung 30q 10s5p set up. I only managed to get over 13miles before battery was dead. What size nickel did you use ? Did you double nickel anywhere ? 35B062D6-7A69-4862-8489-5925677A7065.jpeg





  10. Yel

    Yel Member

    So after you welded all the 10 battery cells together and then you fold it in half?

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