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GTX battery upgrade 10s5p 30q

Discussion in 'General Eskate Chat' started by Deco-Stop, May 9, 2018.

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  1. Deco-Stop

    Deco-Stop Member

    hello! I have done a 10s5p upgrade with 30q cells. Pictures to follow.
    Last edited: May 9, 2018
  2. cant wait for pics brah...
  3. OP

    Deco-Stop Member

    Well I got some batteries! Time to start figuring out the layout. At first I was hoping I could double stack. 3 on bottom 2 on top. I know a 10s4p fits without modifying. There is some extra space with the gtx deck and the 30q cells. My plan was to space the bottom 3 cells out to the same space that 4 would take up. Then the top 2 would kind of sink down a bit into the gap. Hopefully all fitting in the original space. However, spacing the cells out didn’t allow the top row to drop down as much as I had hoped. So back to the drawing board. I was stuck between doing a double stack and making a spacer for the enclosure or cutting and extending the enclosure. I feel the gtx sits low enough as is (I ride street setup) and I already have a few scrapes as is. I didn’t want to make the ground clearance any less to I went with the enclosure extension plan. I am going to make it all single stack so single groups of 5 cells it is. Time to start building.


  4. OP

    Deco-Stop Member

    Ok here I have my 10 groups of 5 cells put together.

  5. So u ain't the only guy disappointed with the stock battery pack?
    Or u done with stock pack and now building urself a custom high power pack instead of getting a stock replacement ??
  6. Please share the cost of these cells ??
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  7. OP

    Deco-Stop Member

    The stock pack is not bad for street. When I first got the board I was doing 20mi rides shredding it up in GT mode. I have 125 cycles on it and already I have to ride pretty conservative to make it 15mi. I miss the aggressive riding style and range and not having to choose one or the other. That’s why I decided that go this route. Plus I was in the mood to do a project. So I decided to go for a 15ah pack. Hopefully much improvement over the evolve 10ah (if it’s really that much).
  8. OP

    Deco-Stop Member

    I got the cells from li ion wholesale at about $4 something each.
  9. OP

    Deco-Stop Member

    Well as you can see it would be a perfect fit if we didn’t need any of those pesky electronics in the enclosure.

  10. OP

    Deco-Stop Member

    Well here comes the point of no return. I have to cut my enclosure in half and add a spacer to extend it out. Not going to lie, I set there for a bit thinking if I should go through with this or just build a 10s4p. But what fun would that be? Everyone is building that, lets do the 5p setup! So here I go! I cut the enclosure in half in an area so that I would still have 4 screws holding the enclosure on each side of the cut to mount to the deck. Now I need to make a spacer. I thought about 3d printing one but decided on kydex instead. I bought some kydex from my local leather company. I only needed about a 3” spacer to make it long enough to fit the full length of the deck and accommodate all of the cells. After that was cut I needed to shape it. I’ve done a ton of research on vacuum forming and molding kydex. In the end I found myself out on the back deck around midnight with some beer molding it over a pallet with the wife’s hair dryer hahaha. It actually worked out pretty well and was easy to do. Just kept bending until it matched the shape of the enclosure. For now it’s together with gorilla tape. It holds really good and think I will even test ride the board this way. After it is all finished I plan to plastic weld it.




  11. OP

    Deco-Stop Member

    Hey look! You can still just barely see the GTX!

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  12. OP

    Deco-Stop Member

    Oh and I had to drill out new holes in the deck for the enclosure. Still not sure how I’m going to fill the old holes.
  13. OP

    Deco-Stop Member

    Now the battery layout looks pretty good. Everything fits!!!


  14. OP

    Deco-Stop Member

    Here are some pictures taking the old pack apart and robbing the bms out of it. Had to pause for another moment before I took apart a decent, completely usable pack. But I had already made it this far....





  15. OP

    Deco-Stop Member

    Time to start welding! I was probably most nervous about this part. I made a diy spot welder out of some crap I had laying around. I mounted a starter solenoid to a large car audio capacitor. I used some stero battery wire and ran it to a connector that could hold the electrodes. I used an arcade game button for my push button. All worked out pretty well except now I had to learn how to use it. I cut some practice nickel strips and had some old 18650’s to practice on. Good thing I did. I learned a lot. It took me some time to find the right electrodes that gave me the perfect weld. I ended up using a couple solid copper wires for my electrodes. Worked much better than the copper nails I started with. Also learned that I couldn’t leave the capacitor on the charger as sometimes my solinoid would stick. Would have started a fire if I wasn’t able to unplug it so quick. So the process was to charge the capacitor and take the charger off. Then tap the button to help make sure the solinoid wasent stuck. Then touch electrodes to a scrap piece of nickel strip to make sure. Then actually make the weld. This was such a pita and will be buying a spot welder for the next pack I do. This process took way too much work for each individual weld. However after I got it down it did work really good. What I liked about the capacitor is that it only holds a certain amount of energy. So there was no worries about hitting the button just right. The welds were super consistent. I am to impatient to stop the project and order a good spot welder so on I go. They took awhile to make but turned out really good.




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  16. OP

    Deco-Stop Member

    Alright. Now we’re getting somewhere. Time to do some wiring. I first hooked up all the balance wires. Then figured out the wire routing and taped it all in place. Then I wrapped the pack with some thick gorilla tape to make sure it was nice and insulated. I soldiered up my balance wires to the 11pin of the bms and then the main pack and charge wires. I tested all the voltages for the pack and each individual cell. All looks good. Now for the moment of truth! Time to plug it in. All went well and the board works good. I bench tested the throttle and brake In all the modes. I also went to the battery screen to make sure all the battery telemetry was working good. I now am charging the pack and have to route out a section of the deck for the bms to fit. I have stacked it over the esc so I just need a little bit taken out. I should be able to get to that tomorrow and then hopefully do some test riding! I can’t wait for 20+ mi of just completely shredding it in GT mode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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  17. OP

    Deco-Stop Member

    Also switched from a deans to an XT connector.
  18. Cappy175

    Cappy175 Member

    Nice work!
  19. OP

    Deco-Stop Member

    Thanks. I can’t wait to test ride this thing. I’m really hoping for 30mi but we will see.
  20. OP

    Deco-Stop Member

    Its Alive!!!!!!! I routed out the deck this morning for the bms. The new pack is actualy slightly thinner than the old one. I layed some foam sheeting down in the gtx stock battery location to take up some of the gap. I also got some window seal stripping to make a new gasket. It worked out great. Smashed down alot to seal good and provided just a little extra space the pack needed where the deck wasent routed out. I got it all together and took it for a ride. I was super impressed. Before i had to go super easy on the board to get 15mi out of it. I just ran a 15mi loop pushing it hard in GT mode. I finished with about 75% on the R2. Resting voltage of 37.667. Pretty awesome! Very happy with this build.





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