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GTR is slower than bamboo GT

Discussion in 'General Eskate Chat' started by SuitCommute, Nov 8, 2019.

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  1. SuitCommute

    SuitCommute Member

    Sup, I have a brand new GTR carbon, and thus far my observations are...
    1. The GTR doesn't spin the wheel to the same top speed.
    2.the GT feels like it hasmore aggressive acceleration.
    3. The GTR breaking is relaxed to commence, and nowhere near as powerful.
    4. The GTR battery life is fckn amazing.
    So hmmmm, I've already done the easy mods...
    Has anyone got advice to enhance the GTR experience?
  2. Glad I just upgraded my GTX battery instead of getting a GTR! Thank you for the confirmation! Way less money, more acceleration and way more breaking, way more top speed spin,now with an upgraded battery, way more range than a GTR as well! Win win win!
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  3. Now I cant wait to add my external battery and really kick this thing down!
  4. Movation

    Movation Member

    Moving to the 35E cells is a bit of head scratched yes great range but the trade off is a pack thats max output is just 32 amps. This iz reflected it the less aggressive acceleration curve. The motors themselves are rated up to 70-80 amps combined. The gt pack was limited to 35 amps in the esc but is rated at more. So i suspect they have limited the GTR pack to 30 amps in the esc. This is also why the move to smaller AT wheels and why some people are not getting the usual boost in speed from upgraded pulleys compared to the gt. For 90% of riders its more than enough.
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  5. OP

    SuitCommute Member

    I'm very happy to own this board. And I think the battery life improvement is worth it, even when i need to squeeze the trigger more.
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  6. Mrlapa

    Mrlapa Member

    I'd like to add that in All Terrain Configuration the first 10 minutes of ride i am able to get to 22-21mph but then speed drops to 19mph when the battery reaches 75%. The GTR is VERY SLOW compare to GT. Even though GT had SAG, it could accelerate like NO GTR CAN. GTR is a boring board that is good for the boring commute. GTR has no FUN FACTOR
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