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GTR Carbon Wheel fell off

Discussion in 'Carbon GTR' started by Cobus_Swart, Sep 12, 2019.

  1. Cobus_Swart

    Cobus_Swart Member

    I have GTR carbon with all-terrain setup. I have been riding it for about a month and my left back wheel came off on a ride!

    The ceramic bearing completely disintegrated causing the whole wheel to come off!

    I have been riding off-road quite a bit but nothing hectic. Just some tame mountain bike single track trails. I think some dirt got into the bearing and eroded it. Ceramic bearing might be better suited for a street setup. I replaced my bearing with steel ones and have not had any issues after that. So if you are doing a lot of dirt riding check your bearings frequently, better yet replace them with steel ones.

    IMG_3379.jpg IMG_3378.jpg
  2. xrayturner

    xrayturner Member

    First, I am glad you are ok; at least I hope you are. Second, the debate about bearings has gone on and on for many years. Honestly with the rolling resistance from the belt, even on the street ceramic would a bit of a waste IMHO. I have been skating a long time and have tried many, many bearings, ceramics mainly pre-electric boards. I have killed many bearings causing them to seize but that was usually from a high jump onto pavement hard but I haven’t had any disintegrate since before sealed bearings. You may want to let the manufacture know so if they do QC checks they have the info. I have settled in on cheaper Bones Reds. At 15 to 18 dollars for a full set you can beat the heck out of them and just replace every few months and not worry about it. You can even clean them if you like and re-use. Anyway I hope you continue to enjoy your board and ride on! Take Care.
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2019
  3. bravebluerx

    bravebluerx Member

    Looks like the 66T gear has taken a lot of abuse as well.
  4. newysk8

    newysk8 Member

    I have a bamboo gtr, this is my 4th esk8.I have found ceramics to be overpriced and not as long lasting.

    I got some tekton 6 ball steel bearings, they have built in spacers and rings. Also upgraded all drive bearings to NSK with dual rubber seals...
  5. SumBitzBr0k3n

    SumBitzBr0k3n Member

    Hope you ok mate. On one of our group ride this week we had a guy have his street wheel come off because the bearing just disintegrated as well. He was not on a GTR or using the evolve ceramic bearing. They were a brand new set of bearings which he purchased from somewhere else (can't remember the brand but they weren't cheap). I think he forgot to lube them up before putting them on his board.

    I think sonetimes we forget just how many km's we do on our boards. When I was push kicking I would lube my bearings once or twice a fortnight and service them once a month and even then they would sometimes be gritty when I checked them. Some weeks I can be doing over 300kms on my GTR which is wayyyyy more than I could ever do on a push kick. So I add a little lube every 2nd or 3rd battery and just quickly pull the bearings out and listen to them about once a week. If they are scratchy at all I clean them and re lube them. When doing this amount of km's you need to check/service the bearing regularly before they get to the point of totally giving up.
  6. OP

    Cobus_Swart Member

    Yeah I am OK luckily it came off as as I was coming to a stop. The important thing to realize is that your wheels are kept on by your bearings. If they disintegrate your wheel probably will come off. So it is super important them check them regularly. A wheel coming off at high speed will not be fun.

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