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Good day all. Waiting on blink S2, Qu4tro and looking for Carbon GT

Discussion in 'New Members - Say hello in here!' started by Redsnow89, Apr 27, 2017.

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  1. Redsnow89

    Redsnow89 Member

    hey y'all. I'm new here. Post spells it out.
    From Texas moved to Washington.
    Interested in the sport of long boarding..
    Any Washington peeps here?
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  2. Alex

    Alex Admin

    Hey Tim,

    Welcome to the site!

    Washington state or Washington DC? I've spend some time in DC, but never been to the west coast.

    I'm also eagerly awaiting a Blink S and Blink S2 here in the UK to review, doesn't look like I'll get the S for another month though. In the meantime tearing it up on my AT Carbon Gen 2. When's your S2 due?
  3. OP

    Redsnow89 Member

    Wash state.
    My blink S2 is due in may some time and my Qu4tro in july.
    Thats such a long wait for a product thay was advertised in dec of last year.

    I wish i would have done more reserch cause i would have only bought the carbon gt from the get go.
  4. OP

    Redsnow89 Member

    Hows the ride on the gen 2?
  5. Alex

    Alex Admin

    The S and S2 and completely different products from the likes of the Carbon GT and Quatro.

    If you were after a heavier duty, long range, more versatile board for this summer then I'd try and get my hands on a bamboo or carbon, I doubt the quatro will be anywhere near ready until long after the summer. That's the thing with kickstarters, you've got to be prepared for major delays no matter what and keep your expectations relatively low, especially for a physical product.

    Gen 2 is great for me. Pretty much 90% of my riding is on gravel paths in the park and the AT tyres tear through it, absolutely love it.

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