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Full battery barely lasts 8km?

Discussion in 'Bamboo GTX' started by iPotatis, Sep 6, 2018.

  1. iPotatis

    iPotatis Member

    Bought a 2 month old gtx, dude said it had no hardware problem whatsoever, i might have gotten scammed but im not worried since im protected by paypal buyer protection.

    Basically its got an AT setup and i do ride it up hills sometimes but an equal amount down hill where im holding the break the entire way down. Most of the time its flat.
    Ive usually got it in fast mode cause 12-14mph is my personal sweet spot and yeah, im getting lie 8km out of it.

    Also when im going up a steep hill and i hold down the gas, battery goes from whatever it was at to 0 zero making the controller buzz, then when i get to the top and release its in eco mode and the battery slowly recharges to like 10 or so percent where it was before going up.
  2. oo8moto

    oo8moto Member

    I have the GT and when in eco mode with AT I only get 9 miles. With the 97mm in eco I am getting 14mile. Not saying yours is normal but I do know evolve uses crappy batteries and the voltage sag is really bad.
  3. KWasch

    KWasch Member

    Sounds like the stock battery is shot. I recently bought a used one as well. My battery luckily wasn’t too bad but I’m currently building a new 10s4p battery out of 18650 cells. Considering making and selling more if there’s a need out there.
  4. karl

    karl Member

    You should check the battery cycle first before buying it...
  5. KWasch

    KWasch Member

    It would be nice / something to ask for when buying used. Photos of the battery diagnostics screen.
  6. HiepLB

    HiepLB Member

    PSI should around 36, a shock pump helps for precise pumps without losing air when you remove the pump.
    Check the belt tension it should be as loose as possible without the belt slipping when you break or accelerate.
    When I switch to my AT setup the tubes that Evolve sent me had no air in them and I was able to go 10 miles with 4 flats.

    You should get 18-22 miles with the stock battery after everything is set up correctly. Even having one tire with low psi will screw your range. The tubes Evolve use have a weak point at the stem so they break easily(7 inch nova tubes with tire liner is what I use)
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2018
  7. Wesselbrussen

    Wesselbrussen Member

    Looking for a 10s4p, to either Canada or USA .How much are you charging?
  8. fishtaco

    fishtaco Member

    also might be interested in one of these! How much extra range did it give you?
  9. ryanl2425

    ryanl2425 Member

    Also gotta hop on this I would be very interested and am local
  10. Tadas

    Tadas Member

    Hi, van you please exolore this subject and give more info on advantages of putting different battery.

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