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From 83 Evolve's to AT to 97 Abec 11 Refly's

Discussion in 'Bamboo GT' started by jeffreysurfs, Oct 14, 2018.

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  1. jeffreysurfs

    jeffreysurfs Member

    Howdy folks

    Wanted to share my impressions of the above 3 setups.

    I ordered my Street BGT 2 years ago and initially loved the black 83's that came with the board.

    I live in San Francisco and would cruise Golden Gate Park, the sidewalks at Ocean Beach and tool around town running errands.

    My feet would get a bit beaten up (numb) and after about 6 months of riding on Evolve 83's I purchased the AT conversion kit.

    I rode around for over a year in AT setup and still LOVE it. My biggest complaint is the decrease in range. Other than that, these wheels/setup proved to be a great help to numb feet and smoothed out everything/surface i rode on. Also, the 7" AT wheels grip really well and allowed for continuous carving bliss and when the road got rough and/or turned to dirt, I could still rip, even rode through low grass here and there...FUN. The issue really is the range. My 83's would allow for 12-15 mile range in eco mode mostly with fast for some hills depending on route. The AT setup would get me approx 8-10 miles in mostly eco mode and relatively flat ride. I weigh approx 175lbs.

    NOW onto the best of both worlds, kinda. The Abec 93's refly's are a great mid ground. They are soft enough to smooth out the rougher roads/paths and are amazing carvers. Also, my range is back up in the 12+ mile range. I recommend having both setups. The AT is a great option, and the 97's ABEC Refly's should be your baseline road setup.

    I have not tried the 107's as the reviews I read were not super favorable compared to the 97's.
  2. Terry Walton

    Terry Walton Member

    Glad to hear you like the 97s, I switch my CGT from stock street wheels to 74a refly and the difference is amazing, from smoothing out the rough UK roads to providing more grip...there no compromise for me....and I have them in black so they look great on the CGT

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  3. fs996

    fs996 Member

    I run the 107's and ATs. On my BGT with AT the range is pretty poor (7-8 miles) so I manage with the 107 as much as possible but there is no comparison in terms of comfort on UK roads and pavement. The 107 do as good a job as possible for a thane wheel, and get them on a smooth surface and they are just amazing!
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  4. StewSk8er

    StewSk8er Member

    Yep, I concur! Love the stocker 83s, great feel for the road. I'm an old long boarder so loved it.............but, as like yourself, the roads around me are pretty jacked up, REALLY have to pay attention to road which is very taxing after a 20 min ride, mentally. So, I thought I want to roll over anything and got the AT set up. Nice. Freedom. No concern for what is in front of you, liberating, but MAN, the battery suck just kills me. Loosing that much range just blows...........................and, you loose all feel of the road, you can carve, but no feeling of being connected to the road. Alas, the 97s. Good God! These ARE the perfect wheel, hands down, never looking back. So much in fact, I have my AT set up for sale here. THESE are the wheels that should come stock. It balances the board soooo well. So, +1 on the 97s.
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  5. walterafable

    walterafable Member

    I LOVE my 97mm ReFlys. It's amazing the difference in feel between them and the green 97mm Flywheels.
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