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Found our motors, cheap

Discussion in 'Carbon GT' started by wiztecy, Nov 20, 2016.

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  1. wiztecy

    wiztecy Member

    Found our motors that we run on our board for a cheap price, $83. Don't know if we're running the 170kv or 200kv. They say the 200kv is ideal for 36v packs while the 170kv motor is best paired with a 44.4v pack.

    Anyone know what we're running? I believe we have a 41volt pack...

    170kv: OM5065-170kv
    200kv: OM5065-200kv
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  2. Kenneth

    Kenneth Member

    Are you sure its the same thats on the GT?
    Really cheap....Hope the quality dont match the price :)
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  3. W.Jordan

    W.Jordan Member

    I wonder if they are the same? I had to get mine replaced recently, they cost $189.00 AUD through Evolve (see email screenshot)
    would be nice to know if the HAL wires are the same, or have longer, thicker, or better crimping?

    Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 10.23.19 pm.png
  4. OP

    wiztecy Member

    These look even closer and possibly the source Evolve uses. Same plastic gear and the harness looks very much identical like a plug and play. Anyone know how to read Chinese? Looking at W_Jordan's invoice seeing that Evolve lists ours as 1500watts and the above motors are 2200watts, that these motors show also a lower KV value (140kV/200kV) than the above, so these seem more of a better match.

    无刷电机_霍尔电动滑板车无刷马达 轮毂电机 助力车无刷 - 阿里巴巴

    无刷电机_皮带同步带轮电动滑板车无刷电机 冲浪板踏板车无刷马达 - 阿里巴巴



    Last edited: Nov 21, 2016
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  5. paulfulwood

    paulfulwood Member

    Now I can buy a big black dong.
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  6. Zac

    Zac Member

    Yea, I want "dong" on my motors... Plus, the Evolve motor pulley isn't plastic, it's aluminum
  7. OP

    wiztecy Member

    Thanks! It looks plastic after it wears and mushes, but looking closer at pics of it taken apart it indeed is aluminum.

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  8. alkis

    alkis Member

    Do the teeth of the pulley wear easily? Can we replace the pulley only (not the whole motor).

    I saw the latest ElectricWave video and he mentions that the teeth have worn after only 5 or so months of use and that the belt now slips when he brakes.

    Me being 100kgr (220 pounds) makes me think twice about buying the GT if the whole motor needs replacing after only a few months.
  9. OP

    wiztecy Member

    They'll wear if you use your board regularly. Aluminum is known to the electric skateboard world as a poor choice for a drive pulley, you want a steel pulley there. Evolve wants you to buy a new motor at $180 a pop when your pulley wears out. But I'd push on them hard to sell you just the pulley. People have succeeded. They should be available for purchase off their website. But if you do your research you can find a pulley yourself for $8.
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  10. KingEvolve

    KingEvolve Member

    Ahhh yes! I knew someone would eventually find the motors. I've had my board about a month now, already had both motors break on me. Due to shitty design (Not Enough Support for the motors bearing) but Bare in mind I do a 24km daily commute on the board, But yeah the motors can wear out quite quickly if your riding on the footpath with 83mm wheels. Soo Ill be looking to buy plenty of these motors once my warranty is over.
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  11. Nickelberry

    Nickelberry Member

    I would imagine it would be pretty easy to design the driver gear and then get it cnc cut out of mild steel or even stainless if you wanted to be fancy. I would design it up but my board is currently at Evolve HQ for repairs :(
  12. alkis

    alkis Member

    WOW I am amazed at how many people are having quality issues with their boards in here...:eek:
    Thinking twice and three times now.... :pensive:
  13. Nickelberry

    Nickelberry Member

    I think you find despite the issues everyone still loves there boards.
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  14. alkis

    alkis Member

    I could not agree with you more. I can see in all the videos how much fun people are having but spending BIG money on a board and having issues like these.... it just makes me think I should wait until "child diseases" like these get sorted in the next version.
  15. Andy

    Andy Mod

    Only seems like loads of issues really the failure rate compared to boards sold is minimal just seems more as only takes a few to be reported and seems like an epidemic . ;)
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  16. paulfulwood

    paulfulwood Member

    They are awesome boards which are providing so much pleasure world wide. Undoubtedly they require more troubleshooting than a smartphone and less maintenance than our wives require, which might not be saying much. But hopefully they'll get closer to the smartphone in the future and stop requiring you to be an expert in all things related to owning one. Or maybe that's part of the fun.
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  17. alkis

    alkis Member

    Well yeah, I'm up to that. I've always taken apart most of my gadgets anyway as I'm a diy/inquisitive person.
    This time though I don't have the time to go the diy route. If I did I would build a board on my own.
    Therefore I expect a 2000 grand board to hold up better.
    Just saying
  18. clouder7

    clouder7 Member

    What happened to the motor that required a replacement? I assume if it failed within warranty timeframe it would be free.
  19. funkyj

    funkyj Member

    I have the carbon gt and my motors have different temp when I'm using the board for a while , even if I remove all the parts and run the motors bare without wheels and belts, always the left motor gets warmer than the right motor. I checked the rpm and they are the same and the amperage they draw is the same but the left always gets warmer than the right , I double checked that with an electronic Rc thermometer and it is around from 5 degree Celsius to 14 degree when I push it some more and stress them .
    Although the temps aren't so high but the difference is quite high like 30 the one and 44 the other ... any thoughts ?
    In case that someone ask ... I have told the evolve HQ AND THEY SAY that this is normal but my opinion is that something is different inside these motors ... maybe the winding ....
  20. asianrambo

    asianrambo Member

    I was at the evolve office today, and the motor boxes do have the word dong on them. I think that actually might be them. Can try to snap a photo in a couple weeks when i head back
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