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Evolve Stoke Range issues

Discussion in 'Stoke' started by caustin, Nov 2, 2019.

  1. caustin

    caustin Member

    So I just got my stoke, and on the first couple of rides I am getting reduced range than expected. Basically only getting 6-7 miles, and this is on same path and conditions as my gtr where I get 9-10 miles on travel battery consistently. I swapped travel batteries and got the same reduced mileage on stoke with old gtr travel battery so that takes battery out of equation. Only other difference is wheels 97mm ABEC on gtr and 85mm Caguama blue 77a on stoke. Anyone else having issues, or ideas?
  2. Maybe check that the belts aren't too tight?
  3. RichJ

    RichJ Member

    I get about 9-10 on my Stoke in GTR and I am not a lightweight...

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