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Evolve one!

Discussion in 'Bamboo Series One' started by mgb, Apr 19, 2017.

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  1. mgb

    mgb Member

    so who else is up for getting an evolve one? Any thoughts?
  2. cool_beans00

    cool_beans00 Member

    I'd like to get one. It's smaller and lighter. I'm curious about the stability and feel at highspeed since it's a top mount compared to the drop through style on the other boards.
  3. OP

    mgb Member

    Yeah, agreed it will be interesting to try one to compare...range looks impressive
  4. Alex

    Alex Admin

    I was excited at first, but I still think it's going to be too large and heavy for the kind of compact lightweight commuter board I was personally hoping they would release.

    The Acton Blink S I have on order is 2kg lighter, which is about 25% off the weight of the One.

    The range sounds excellent on the Bamboo One, but I was hoping for more of a last mile commuter device as apposed to a budget Bamboo GT with only .5kg shaved off.

    Still, I'm keen to try one out and I'm sure loads of other people will appreciate the mega range on a smaller board.

    How much are they going to be in the UK Evolve UK or Andy and when will they be shipping? Either of you had a go on one yet?
  5. Andy

    Andy Mod

    I hear there will be some coming next week! Looking forward to trying it ;)

    Mark is over for Critical Mass and Cyclopark next week too, hope your coming!! :punch::punch::thumbsup::beers:
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  6. Alex

    Alex Admin

    Sweet! Yeah, man, gonna try and make it. Can't wait to check out the new board in person.
  7. Valec

    Valec Member

    I would prefer a longer deck, but probably give it a try as it is and if it will feel short, I just let someone change the deck for a longer one.
  8. onmyone

    onmyone Member

    I switched the deck on my One for a Bamboo GT deck from Evolve (it's a good idea to get the hardware, for the shorter bolts on the trucks, plus to have spares anyway). I found the stance the One deck a little uncomfortable, the wider stance is great on the GT and being 10% lower seems to make a difference (plus the GT is very concave).
  9. Isaacm

    Isaacm Member

    did they charge anything to swap the boards across?? I want to swap my GT board for a Series one Board
  10. Mat88

    Mat88 Member

    My bgt threw off a belt last week, I was close to my local petroleum station so I went in there to borrow some tools.
    Didnt have the right allen key to remove everything and put the belt back on, so i just took it off and rode home with one belt.... just like the ONE !

    God the free roll was amazing !

    I definitely doubted the ONE at first, being single motor/drive - not anymore!
  11. onmyone

    onmyone Member

    I did it myself. You can order the board for $120 and hardware for $10.
  12. onmyone

    onmyone Member

    Also it's a bigger motor! Two would not fit.
  13. Mat88

    Mat88 Member

    Wish I could fit two of these 2000w on my gt!
  14. onmyone

    onmyone Member

    If you really wanted to it may be possible to add one on the other side facing forward like the Boosted Board. I don't see the motors at the Evolve site though.
  15. Valec

    Valec Member

    Are you still riding the one with the bamboo gt deck? How is it so far?
  16. Did you swap over the foam under the battery or did the bamboo GT deck ship with it. I have a once board and was considering swapping to the gt deck. Also did you use the risers as well on the GT's drop through. I'm new to this so not sure how it goes. If you did use the riser does it go on top of the dropthrough or on the underside.
  17. Hey I am in the process of doing the same thing. Haven't had any issues with my r2 remote yet or battery on my one board so figured might as well slowly upgrade this than get a gt and face connectivity issues. Even tho all are same internals lol. Guess I got a one out a good batch. I am going to order the GT deck emailed evolve asking If the deck comes with the gasket on the board already for the battery case. Was thinking to maybe get a Gtx deck since it's recessed for the bigger battery so if I do decide to do a upgrade down the road don't have to worry. Is it possible you can post some pics of your swap. Thanks mate. Cheers
  18. walterafable

    walterafable Member

    The foam "gasket" does come on the decks, pre-installed. If you're planning on doing a battery upgrade down the line, you'll need a 3D printed spacer, so you can choose either the GT or the GTX. The space routed out from underneath the GTX is still insufficient for the upgrade, so you'll either need to rout out more space, or use a spacer. In the end, if you want a flexier deck, go GTX. Actually, you should just choose GTX, it looks so much better than the GT.
  19. walterafable

    walterafable Member

    The foam comes pre-installed on the new deck. You don't need riser pads going from the One deck to the GT deck.
  20. Thanks mate so. I just drop the base plate through the top and bolt on struts. No risers. Thanks. Yea I was thinking to get a Gtx and doing a LHB battery upgrade down the line.

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