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Evolve ONE Review - Tech We Want

Discussion in 'Evolve Skateboard Reviews' started by techww, May 20, 2017.

  1. techww

    techww Member

    Just posted our review of the Evolve ONE. Overall it's a nice board, the carving and feel of the board is very flowy - the single motor gives it great coasting ability. The battery life is amazing, but the one downside we have is the remote. Coming from a Boosted Board we find the evolve remote leaves a lot to be desired.

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  2. Alex

    Alex Admin

    Nice vid Greg, good Medium review too.

    You have a very professional sounding voice overview, it felt like I was watching a proper TV show.

    Which board will you be deciding to grab on your way out the door more often then? Then Boosted or the One?
  3. OP

    techww Member

    Thanks! I actually like having both. It depends on where I'm riding. For commuting or city riding, I'm still using the Boosted. I feel safer on that board and with 2 motors it definitely has more stopping power. For a casual cruise or long distance I grab the Evolve ONE
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  4. E-Boarding

    E-Boarding Member

    this guy loved his board but then had some issues with it

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  5. wiztecy

    wiztecy Member

    Issues with connectivity, go figure. Like how he starts off with I no longer have an Evolve 1..... just like my story :)

    ....will Evolve resolve the connectivity in the GTX? Who knows, they have a 'fail safe' mode but what the heck does that really mean. But how and why does a company still keep shipping faulty hardware is my big question when they know people are getting hurt by these design flaws?

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