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Evolve GT won’t take charge…….please help

Discussion in 'General Eskate Chat' started by Rgl1100, Nov 19, 2022.

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  1. Rgl1100

    Rgl1100 Member

    My GT has some sort of issue. At the moment when I connect the charger(regular charger 42v/2A) the light on the charger stays green. Presently, I can still connect the remote without a problem and the wheels will both spin slowly. The power button is flashing blue and the remote tells me the battery needs charging but it won’t start charging. The green light on the charger just remains green. I had not used the board for several months but kept it in a dry area in my home. I checked it every few weeks and thought it was always ok. I will post the cell display. Can someone please give me some way to try to get it to charge. I don’t have the funds for a new battery…..

  2. lucid layers

    lucid layers Member

    maybe your bms has problems.
    I think the cells should not be that much out of balance when the bms is working correctly.
    The bms is also responsible for charging.

    You may open the board, disconnect everything, wait 10s and connect again. this helped me with an "onsra" board which had the same promlem that you describe.

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