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Evolve GT Battery with BMS from Green Motion

Discussion in 'Evolve Skateboards' started by kscott76, Jul 21, 2018.

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  1. kscott76

    kscott76 Member

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  2. Fluffyllamazz

    Fluffyllamazz Member

    This looks like an awesome option! I hope someone has feedback on these. If not I will go for buying one in a few weeks for sure :D
  3. OP

    kscott76 Member

    I emailed them asking if they will ship to the US. They replied with:

    unfortunately we cannot find channel to ship to usa

  4. PJD

    PJD Member

    I ordered one from them by
  5. OP

    kscott76 Member

    How did you order? Does it work without any issues? Thanks.
  6. PJD

    PJD Member

    I ordered online on Thursday just got an e-mail today saying that they don't have the channels to ship to the US but they still have my money so now I have to work on getting that back so not a good idea.

    GRDIAN Member

    Oh boy. You ordered and paid now they can't deliver....

    From what I briefly saw. Has anybody compared the 30q Samsung batteries with the specs they claim? I suspect possibility of knock off batteries used. But I really hope I'm wrong.

    I'll be watching this closely cause it's the cheapest Ave to go with supposed better specs on batts.
  8. OP

    kscott76 Member

    Did you get your money back?

    Im still looking for a BMS. My Evolve BMS I think has a bad mosfet transistor.
  9. PJD

    PJD Member

    Yes I did. I'm still looking for a battery upgrade that's affordable.
  10. OP

    kscott76 Member

    I’m considering building one.
  11. PJD

    PJD Member

    That looks like what I'm going to have to do. I just don't have the time right now.

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