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Evolve Carbon Signal Disconnect / Speed Glitch problem Solved! Revelation!

Discussion in 'Evolve Skateboards' started by bravebluerx, Jan 13, 2019.

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  1. bravebluerx

    bravebluerx Member

    Hi All, wanted to share this revelation after weeks of testing and throwing $$$$ money at my Carbon GT to solve a disconnect issue that may help others and save a ton of money:

    Issue: After 1 year my board developed a symptom where it would sync fine but as soon as I started accelerating a few feet, it would cut out and then I would have to either reboot the board or wait for signal to reconnect but then randomly it would disconnect after a few feet or when going off road. It got worse and to the point I couldn't even use the board anymore. I did notice that when the board wasn't under a load to pull, it would work fine, so I thought wow ok, must be my battery since I have had it for 1 year and have worked it hard offroad.

    My buddy said, oh yea its your battery. Bought a new battery from evolve, installed it, same problem!! Ok going down the rabbit hole now, Tried new motors, new speed controller, new R2 remote what the hell is wrong here everything is brand new now and it still has this disconnect problem! Ok read the forums: try twisting the electrical wires because the Electrical field is interfering with the RF signal. Problem Not Solved. Ok read the forums more: Put your phone in airplane mode. Problem Not Solved.

    Tonight I thought if the board is disconnecting when its under load, I will place both feet on the front of the board and had NO DISCONNECT ISSUES for as long as I had my feet up front. As soon as my Back foot shifted to the back of the board....DISCONNECT! And this is with all brand new Evolve parts! Every single part is new. Any guesses to the problem!!!??? Spoiler below!

    Spoiler!!: Hey guess what Evolve owners, when screwing down the grip tape/cover with the allen screws tight on the back of the board the foam insulator is pressing against the top of my power switch's hot glue glob. When you do your tune up, you probably screw these down pretty tight. When I was standing on the back of the board I am applying more weight down on that spot, and the switch button wires were being bent in the hot glue glob which created a disconnect or surge powering off the board for a split second. I ran a test without the lid on and had no problems anymore, then applied pressure to the top of the hot glue on the powerswitch-GLITCH/DISCONNECT and the power button led flickered off for half a second, enough to disconnect signal.

    Quick fix! Loosen up the back 2 allen screws a bit and pull off some deck foam insulation where the hot glue gob of the power switch meets the deck.

    The right fix: Pull off the hot glue and check that the electrical connections on the switch haven't broke off from vibration over time. If connections are good, see if you can re-orient the power switch wires so there isn't pressure being applied to them when the deck/lid is screwed down. Re-hot glue the wires to protect from vibration in the future.

    I always try to look on the bright side of things especially with the amount of $$$$ thrown at trying to fix this board with new parts. I have all the components for a second board now maybe just will try a Bamboo GTX deck :p
    Or bring my new battery in my backpack to swap for longer trips.

    Hope this helps at least 1 person!!

    Last edited: Jan 13, 2019
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  2. Rreas

    Rreas Member

    I think the same thing was happening to me as I was getting some odd stuff while riding and mysteriously disappeared after removing deck cover to have a look inside. Most likely did not screw in screws as tight....
  3. Tadas

    Tadas Member

    Thant was helpful tip for the future! Cheers
  4. Terry Walton

    Terry Walton Member

    Absolute legend, thanks for sticking with the GT and sharing the solution.
  5. magic man

    magic man Member

    Top Poster Of Month

    I agree that this is a legendary post.
    Brave Blue, Yours is the best post ever.
    Thank you :)

    Nyc Evolve Riders
  6. Terry Walton

    Terry Walton Member

    Top man, well done
  7. Stan462

    Stan462 Member

    Thanks for the info.

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