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Evolve Carbon GT Vs Mellow Board Shootout

Discussion in 'General Eskate Chat' started by stme, May 16, 2017.

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  1. stme

    stme Member

    I'm in the market for an Electric Board and have pretty much narrowed it down to the Evolve Carbon GT or the Mellow Board (well, the Mellow Drive on a different board)

    The Evolve Carbon GT PRO's for me are - the speed, power and distance it can cover.
    The CONs are the length of the thing and the fact that I'd be using it for a commute so sometimes on busy streets inbetween pedestrians and have to make quite sharp 90 degree turns around street corners on the pavement. Oh, also it's not waterproof.

    That's where the Mellow's PRO stand out - it can be mounted to any board. I'd want to be mounting it to an old skool re-issue skateboard like Powell or Vision so I'd have a kicktail to do sharper turns like on a normal skateboard. Mellow is waterproof so you can skate in light rain or wet pavements.

    The CONs of the Mellow is that there's no off-road wheel for the moment. they do have a knobbly one coming out but its got nowhere near the clearance that the Evolve AT wheel has. Also there's no power comparison at the moment.
    Another con is that I'd have to wait until July if I ordered one now.

    I'd LOVE to see a shootout (particularly uphill) between the Evolve and Mellow.

    I have a funny feeling that for the Mellow to match the power of the Evolve you'd have to have two of their Mellow Drives which would be 3.2k Euros! And both wouldnt fit on a standard skateboard anyway!!

    Does anyone have a Mellow and Evolve GT? Please Please do a shootout on YouTube!!!
  2. Alex

    Alex Admin

    It seems the Mellow Board doesn't do as well uphill as original claimed

    Here's a Liftboard on the same route:

    The Evolve GT's annihilate the Mellow uphill it out of the box.

    @Taylor and @Charliepamther both seem to navigate the streets of Scotland pretty well on their GT's, I've seem some vids where they navigate the crowds smoothly.
  3. OP

    stme Member

    :) saw that climb video yesterday. Pretty disappointing.
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  4. Taylor

    Taylor Member

    This was on my gen2 bamboo , Just change the trucks so they are loose on an evolve at depending on road surfaces you gonna be using

  5. OP

    stme Member

    Thanks Taylor, great video cruising along Sauchiehall!
    How do you find doing 90 degree turns on pavement round street corners?
    That's where I see a long board falling down over a standard board with kicktail to turn quick like that.
  6. Jer

    Jer Member

    You would actually be surprised. I had an E-go 2 before owning a bamboo GT and while the kicktail was a nice feature, i noticed that using it was sometimes awkward with the motors attached. Granted i'm sure there's just a learning curve. But when i got my BGT i was concerned i would be constantly picking the board up around turns due to how long it was. If you do end up going with the evolve, you'll be pleasantly surprised at how much the super carve trucks help. There are very few corners i actually have to stop and move my board for because of how nicely i can carve, most of which are at street lights, which you usually have to stop at anyway.
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