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Evolve Bamboo One Series with All Terrain tyres

Discussion in 'Bamboo Series One' started by onmyone, May 18, 2017.

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  1. onmyone

    onmyone Member

    The GreaT ONE

    one gt (2).jpg
  2. Alex

    Alex Admin

    You managed to get AT tyres on your Bamboo One?! I didn't think that was an option.
  3. OP

    onmyone Member

    I am certain that Evolve will void my warranty. I also ordered a Bamboo GT deck for better clearance, but so far haven't had much problem. Kind of a tight stance though.
  4. Andy

    Andy Mod

    Bite on tight turns will be the issue :(
  5. Alex

    Alex Admin

    Looks like it's got pretty good clearance in the pic?
  6. Andy

    Andy Mod

    interested to see the other side where the motor and belt are etc. I was told this was the main reason that they didn't advertise AT and also it was commented somewhere by Evolve on one of their vids.:thumbsup:
  7. Alex

    Alex Admin

    Split the AT conversation off from the competition thread to it's own
  8. Alex

    Alex Admin

    Of course, forgot about the motor, it's hidden away there :see_no_evil:
  9. Ed!

    Ed! Member

    Hello, New here, thinking to buy a one, but I am def interested In knowing how you did it, TY.
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  10. Rastarocket06

    Rastarocket06 Member

    image.jpeg My GT version :
  11. techww

    techww Member

    Wow looks awesome! How does it ride with the All Terrains?
  12. Alex

    Alex Admin

  13. OP

    onmyone Member

    The ride is great on hard surfaces. On sandier surfaces it's a little more touch and go. If you want to do serious off road riding I think two motors is the way to go. But if you just want a softer ride with the One this works, and I haven't had any problem with wheel / gear bite.
  14. Davem

    Davem Member

    I would sure like to upgrade my original bamboo to a 2000 watt motor like the bamboo one.
  15. Ed!

    Ed! Member

    2k Motors dont fit to the bamboo unless you put only 1, they are longer.
  16. Davem

    Davem Member

    One would be fine for my purpose .
  17. sully

    sully Member

    what range are you getting with the at kit?
  18. OP

    onmyone Member

    I haven't measured the complete range but I feel like I'm getting at least half the regular range and probably a little more. The AT / Street ratio is 70% as advertised. I push off a little to compensate for all the stress being on one wheel.

    Here's an attempt at a closeup of the gear set while turning, which you can't really tell I'm doing..

  19. jistamm

    jistamm Member

    Hey all - I'm new to e-boarding but if I can add my 2 cents, I would HIGHLY recommend against buying a One board if you intend to put AT wheels on it. I tried it on mine and it became a huge PIA to use. Braking was terribly slow and the belt would consistently slide over the gearing. The One board also lost the ability to climb just about every hill I came to -- I actually had to mash the trigger in fast mode to make it up shallow ramps for wheel chairs. After a week of this (and having only just bought the board) my local supplier was kind enough to swap the board to a Bamboo GT at a fair price. The GT performs exponentially better with AT wheels. My reco is to save up a could hundred bucks more and make the investment in the GT if you want a good all terrain experience.
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  20. Pris

    Pris Member

    Hi there & I hope you can help me :)
    With the AT kit for your Bamboo One, is it a simple process to switch the street wheels or do you need to do additional modifications?
    Thanks very much,

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