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Evolve Bamboo GT 10s5p battery upgrade

Discussion in 'General Eskate Chat' started by gaven120, May 30, 2020.

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  1. gaven120

    gaven120 Member

    Evolve bamboo GT 10s5p battery upgrade made with Samsung 15a 3000mah 18650 cells, enjoy and feel free to ask any questions!










  2. Kaup30

    Kaup30 Member

    How’d you manage to get a 5p in there!? I see the bms spacer, but the length of a 5p I thought would’ve been too long??
  3. OP

    gaven120 Member

    It fits just perfectly, you also need to grind down some of the bolt canals in the housing that the spacer uses so the battery isn’t pushed up.
  4. Jamiesnew

    Jamiesnew Member

    Looks good, are those 30qs? If so there is some debate that they can actually handle 20a per cell. Either way, no more sag for you. I run 10s4p 30q and I'm really happy with that. I'm tempted to go 12s 4p soon and replace the ecs and bms.
  5. OP

    gaven120 Member

    yes they are 30qs! Dang I wish I used some lower amp draw cells and high capacity for more range, Howell. And if you end up making a 12s4p it’ll be a beast! I recently made a 12s8p evolve skateboard, images to follow:



  6. Jamiesnew

    Jamiesnew Member

    Wow 12s8p is insane! Is that a flipsky vesc? Do you like it?
  7. OP

    gaven120 Member

    Yeah I love the Flipsky mini vesc, only problem is that I need lower over motors for more low end torque, board goes a top speed of 38mph which is a little fast for me lol
  8. Nandox7

    Nandox7 Member

    What is the reason to carve the deck? Is it because the 18650 cell height or because of stacking the BMS on top of the controller?
  9. OP

    gaven120 Member

    The majority of the deck didn’t really need to be routed, but the spot that you can visually see is a little deeper (see picture) has to be that deep because the compartment that holds the esc pushes it up

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