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For Sale Evolve Backpack

Discussion in 'Electric Skateboard Classifieds - Buy, Sell, Trade' started by Sengalang, Mar 22, 2019.

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  1. Sengalang

    Sengalang Member

    Selling a lightly used Evolve backpack. Asking for $120 + Shipping. Bought from Evolve for 129.99 plus shipping

    They are also sold out at the moment.

    Only used a handful of times. Unfortunately, I don't use it enough and I need to free up some storage space.

    When it comes to backpacks, i'm like women with their purses. I have one for each occasion and just have way to many. So this one rarely gets used because the main reason I bought it was for transportation of the board (which I honestly have never done:pensive:).

    Being used, there are signs:
    1. There are signs of wear in the middle reflective strip. It was slightly rubbed off when a friend threw his pack on top of it. It is more visible at certain angles than others.
    2. There is a small knick at the bottom of the backpack about the size of a bb pellet. Will have pictures of both close up
    Those are the only real cons. Overall condition is about a 7/10

    This has been a great backpack. Of all of my backpacks, I like that this is one of the most form fitting to my body and back (I've got about 10+ backpacks). Its very comfortable and I never feel like I have any hotspots or ever feel like I need to take it off.

    The storage is great! it carries everything I need it to. It even has a spot to protect items from heat, or to be used to keep things cool. I attached an image of how big the pocket can be. The bottle used for reference is a 1L smart water bottle.

    I've only test strapped the board on the backpack, but its well thought out. All the weight is hugged against your back close to your body so it isn't so detrimental to your back health. Most of the competitors out there keep boards on the outside of the backpack and I can see that destroying anyone's back.













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  2. tomrees

    tomrees Member

    Is this still available?

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