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Evolve 12s8p battery upgrade

Discussion in 'Eskate Media Threads: Pics & Vids' started by gaven120, Jun 28, 2020 at 9:02 PM.

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  1. gaven120

    gaven120 Member

    I’ve finally finished! Enjoy! Also working on a 149kv dual 6374 turning motor setup.








  2. OP

    gaven120 Member

    oops didn't mean to post that cell phone number, and I mean turnigy motors. Stupid Iphone
  3. OP

    gaven120 Member

    Uploaded before all pictures loaded in




  4. Marlon

    Marlon Member

    So what speed/range do you get with the upgrade? Why do you have a hole in your deck?
  5. OP

    gaven120 Member

    With Flipsky 190kv and pulleys 16:66 and 7in wheels, top speed is around 38mph and range is about 35 totally real world miles as in drop before battery gets so low that it’s no longer enjoyable, the hole is the the Vesc because it couldn’t fit underneath, i realize now that the hole could be much smaller, but because this was my first time I just eye balled it.
  6. Marlon

    Marlon Member

    Most of that is over my head but 38 mph? Holy ****! I'm going to put 107's on & that should bring my BGTR up to the high 20's which (for now) is plenty quick for me. I'm guessing you swapped out the motors & computer too? That range increase sounds really nice though. My battery (and board) are 2 weeks old, so hopefully by the time I need to replace it they have a longer range available - still it's very cool to know it's possible to DIY a better option.
  7. OP

    gaven120 Member

    Yeah 107s would be a beast! And if you check out my other posts I do 10s5p battery upgrades that work with all the stock electronics and work for all model of evolve skateboards (excluding gtr and stoke)

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