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For Sale [EU][AT] Evolve 5065 motors, GT Remote, Street kits and various parts!

Discussion in 'Electric Skateboard Classifieds - Buy, Sell, Trade' started by fastrider, Apr 7, 2020.

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  1. fastrider

    fastrider Member

    Have gone DIY on a Carbon GT, selling out the parts I don’t need. Also selling some spare parts I have lying around since I have two more Evolve boards.

    All parts can be used for any Evolve GT/GTX/ONE.

    PM me with offers or for a shipping quote. Or if you want pics.
    • Evolve Rear Strut for two motors (used) - €15
    • Evolve/Gates AT belts (360, new, for Evolve motor mounts and 15/66 gearing) - €25
    • Evolve 10s 2A charger €25
    • Evolve 2 x 32T (ABEC) gears + 2 x Evolve/Gates GT3 belts (brand new and unused) - €60 32T.jpg
    • Original Evolve Motors. Evolve charges €150 a piece. They haven't seen much use, you can have both for €150. 2 available. IMG_0966.JPG
    • GT Remote (with reverse) for V1 ESCs only! Including hardcase and one bright f%cking LED. €35 IMG_8172.jpg
    • Boardbumpers set of two 36T gears (ABEC). NOT including belts. For use on Evolve motor mounts you need 255. New and unused. €45 IMG_6677.JPG
    • Evolve Motor mounts/plates (used, 2 x new style, 2 x old style) - €15/piece mp3.jpg

    EDIT: moving sold stuff to the bottom of the post.
    • Evolve/ABEC11 F1 74a 107mm wheels (used, but in very good and unchunked condition) - €100 (SOLD)
    • Evolve Strut Arm (used) - €10 (SOLD)
    • Evolve 2 x 38T (ABEC) gears (used) - €20 (SOLD)
    • R2 Remote with hardcase (used) - €90 (SOLD)
    • Complete ESC, 1 used (SOLD), 1 new (SOLD), no heatsinks included - €140 a pop:
    • Evolve BMS Gen 1 including all cables, also the balancer cable - €80 (SOLD)
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2020
  2. StewSk8er

    StewSk8er Member

    Can I have first right of refusal? How about $70? Sorry for being naive but where is AT?
  3. OP

    fastrider Member

    Austria... AT is a country code.
  4. aaronPDXpaul

    aaronPDXpaul Member

    Is the remote still available and how much to send to Oregon, USA?
  5. OP

    fastrider Member

    It's still available. Standard shipping cost to the US (includes tracking and €100 insurance) is €20.
  6. Brennan295

    Brennan295 Member

    Would you take $80?
  7. aaronPDXpaul

    aaronPDXpaul Member

    How much total to ship it to USA in dollars?
  8. OP

    fastrider Member

    Shipping to USA is not possible at the moment due to Covid. DHL and UPS do ship but they charge a ridiculous premium without guaranteeing it won't be shipped back to me.
  9. Walkman801

    Walkman801 Member

    Hey buddy,

    Please upload your diy project as well. I am curious on what you are doing. Good luck!
  10. diegob

    diegob Member

    Newbie question:

    Does that works as a street conversion kit if I add wheels to it?

    I own a GTX AT
  11. OP

    fastrider Member

    I'm taking it you're talking about the gear sets. Yes, you'd only have to add wheels.
  12. diegob

    diegob Member

    yeah sorry, forgot copy paste refering to > Boardbumpers set of two 36T gears (ABEC) including 255 HTD belts for use on Evolve motor mounts, new and unused. €40
  13. OP

    fastrider Member

    See the other forum, don’t wanna upload it twice!
  14. OP

    fastrider Member

    Bump, still available!

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