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Electric Skateboard Fatality/ wheel lock up

Discussion in 'Skate Equipment, Safety Gear & Spares' started by snaputi, Dec 1, 2020.

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  1. snaputi

    snaputi Member

    Aloha all,

    My brother who has been riding electric skateboards (boosted) for over a year recently switched over to evolve GTR late last month (October 2020).
    On his second ride, he was unexpectedly thrown off his board so quickly and suddenly that he suffered brain damage so severe that he did not make it.
    He was wearing a helmet, he was on a very smooth, unobstructed road. His board was merely feet away from him when he landed. He died less than 12 hours later due to severe non-reversible brain damage.

    Our family has thought of possible user versus mechanical failures that could have contributed but it seems as if a sudden wheel lock up is the most logical explanation.

    For those who have experienced sudden wheel lock up or failures. Your insight and thoughts on to what may have happened would be very much appreciated!

    He was 39 years old and just retired from the US military not even a year prior. Our family's heart is in pieces and some logical explanation would help bring some peace to this very unfortunate event.

    We would also want to use this event to bring awareness on the importance of safety on these boards. Ride and enjoy it to its fullest but please protect yourselves to the fullest.

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  2. julian07

    julian07 Member

    That is so terrible to hear, sorry for your loss.

    Have you taken this further with the manufacturer or the distributer in US? I have experienced the same issue with my board that lead to a serious injury - and Evolve continue to deny any issue with their product - my board was also a GTR.
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  3. kim cheese

    kim cheese Member

    Sorry about the death of your brother.

    Bit clueless regarding e skateboards. Was actually looking for a quality all-terrain longboard when I came across e skateboards. Too many hours online researching e boards. YTube video from Evolve & others note the need to trigger reset the remote due to the magnets/sensors moving off alignment after a drop or bump. One person commented being thrown after just bumping his remote on his thigh initiating an unexpected braking. Another comment on another YT noted starting a sessions heading downhill on a fully charged battery set off the brake and sent him off. Guess was to prevent overcharging due to regenerative charging while freewheeling downhill.

    Remote seems to be the weak link in the system. Not sure if there is an indicator noting the need for trigger reset. If not, something I hope Evolve is working on.
  4. iknowhy23

    iknowhy23 Member

    I took the phaze remote apart and super glued magnets in so it couldn’t be bumped loose which has happened to me but nothing bad happened. Just be sure to pay attention to the poles of magnets when doing so

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