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Elbow pad recommendations

Discussion in 'Skate Equipment, Safety Gear & Spares' started by Skully, Mar 26, 2017.

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  1. Skully

    Skully Member

    I've got good knee armor from my early motorcycle days that's also done duty with some aggressive mountain bike riding. Helmet I've got covered, and I seem to do okay with gloves.

    What about elbow pads?

    Recommendations for what stays put, what holds up to impacts, what's comfortable, what's reasonably priced, what I hadn't considered etc would be great. Links to reviews would be appreciated too. My usual combination of outdoor sites and mountain bike sites seem to be letting me down regarding elbow pads. . . maybe there are some dh skateboarding forums with good info?

    Thanks all!

    Ride safe, have fun!
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  2. Care to list what you have for knee pads and any wrist guards?

    I wouldn't be wearing my Kevlar jeans whilst skating, too heavy and hot.
    it seems people like the 187 killer pads however they look so bulky... I barely ride up to 20-25km/hr
  3. OP

    Skully Member

    I think my last commute average was ~25kph. . . max around 40. So, my needs might be /slightly/ different ;)

    I picked up a set of Icon Field Armor leg protectors when I first started riding. It's probably crazy overkill for skateboarding, but, *shrug* I have them. . .

    How hot is too hot for Kevlar jeans?

    I got the same recommendation about 187's from a friend who's into rollerderby. . . I might give them a shot.

  4. It's call draggin jeans to mitigate sliding.

    I had them 6 yrs ago, maybe construction and material has changed. Jeans have different thickness in material. The Kevlar padding adds 1 or 2 layers on top to o give you that protection when sliding.
    I was not comfortable wearing hem all day to uni. Just my perspective. I don't like wearing heavy gear elsewise. - same with leathers ; I'd rather wear something more casual and lighter and potentially less padding.

    Just wear ur thickest pair of jeans when you try out the draggin
  5. David

    David Member
    And Alpinestars
    Can't go wrong with either of those suppliers

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