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Does Evolve swap battery packs?

Discussion in 'Skate Equipment, Safety Gear & Spares' started by xrayturner, May 7, 2018.

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  1. xrayturner

    xrayturner Member

    Just wondering if anyone has had experience with getting a factory battery replacement from Evolve, preferably an upgrade? When I say this I mean the batteries and all the components that make up the pack. I am not getting the distance any longer out of the stock pack and I am thinking of upgrading. I can probably build the pack but honestly with the time and effort to do so I might just have to outsource. Either way does anyone know if they offer a replacement or upgrade for purchase?

  2. OP

    xrayturner Member

    Just to answer my on question the answer is no they don't but...... If you contact them you can purchase a stock pack. That is what I am doing, that battery pack should arrive this week. I plan on replacing the batteries in the older pack at my own pace to a 10s4p setup.
  3. p060064h

    p060064h Member

    How much do they charge to a replacement pack?
  4. OP

    xrayturner Member

    In US $ it is 470 for the CGT, 450 for the BGT and I believe shipping was maybe 15 dollars. You have to order through support. It isn't an item available on the website. Enjoy.
  5. p060064h

    p060064h Member

  6. dannyboyski

    dannyboyski Member

    Out of curiosity, how many charges did you manage on the stock battery pack?
  7. OP

    xrayturner Member

    dannyboyski- it started to decrease in range before 100 but I am not 100% certain when. I do know by the time I was to 200 I was getting less then 14 miles to a charge using mostly FAST mode. I have a new stock battery that has me back up to the 20s and will use the old pack BMS to build a 18650 pack. I have been practicing on smaller packs and will start that sometime in the next couple of months.
  8. kram720

    kram720 Member


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