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DIYEBOARD stole $874 USD from me - no product received! DO NOT BUY FROM THEM scam alert

Discussion in 'General Electric Skateboard Chat' started by smeagol222, Jan 17, 2019.

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  1. smeagol222

    smeagol222 Member

    I made an order for $874 (36" dual motor + PU wheels) and then I had to cancel the same day for personal financial reasons. Jason said a refund WAS acceptable and said it was "processing". I contacted him a few days after and he made up some excused "the accountant is off duty" but don't worry its "processing paypal needs some time"

    I checked my Credit Card statements- I never received the refund.

    I've emailed him numerous times replying to the email chain where he said refund was on its way but NO RESPONSE. I've tried all his emails, and contact through the website but NO RESPONSE.

    I emailed him the other day from another email I used and he responded within 20mins. Upon giving him my order number waiting for a refund he IGNORED IT.

    Jason Volans is a thief and has stolen $874 USD from me. I have received NO PRODUCT and NO REFUND. I can't believe this is how someone runs a business.

    I'm trying to raise awareness of this hopefully it doesn't happen to anyone else, if you choose to purchase from DIYEBOARD you are just gambling your money. Any other source for parts would be better- ebay, aliexpress etc.
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