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Custom Battery Problem?

Discussion in 'Bamboo GT' started by JohannKa, May 14, 2020.

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  1. JohannKa

    JohannKa Member

    Hello all

    I bought LGHG2 10s4p battery pack for my bamboo gt last year and i worked like a charm. On my first ride this year the remote displayed that there is something worng “bad battery” So i looked into the battery menu and saw this
    My intention was that there is something wrong with one p group.

    So i opened up the pack and measured the voltage on every “p goupe”. One “p goupe” had a lower Voltage as the others so i disasambled the pack.

    I charged and discharged every single cell of the broken “p group”. The result was strange: the “end” voltage of every cell was 4,2 Volts and the capacity on 3 cells was about 3000mAh and on one cell 3300mAh So i guess the cells are fine?!?

    Cause of the irritating result I measured the rest the 9p goups again and all had around 4,2V

    So I am totaly confused now. Where is the problem? Can the problem be the bms? What should i do? Change the 4 Cells? Even if it seems that they are ok? I am a bit haphazard? Any advice would be really really helpful!

    Thank You

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