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(Closed) Faulty belt driven motor number 2

Discussion in 'General Eskate Chat' started by ESk8-m8, Sep 18, 2021.

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  1. ESk8-m8

    ESk8-m8 Member

    Hello everyone!

    I purchased this board used a few months ago. The board is said to be "designed" in Norway, but I believe the manufacturer is based in China, and goes with the name I-Wonder (also the same company that makes I-cloud wheels). Everything worked fine until one day I took the board out under rain. At first it was just light rain but then It suddenly poured down on me. The board got soaked and started to behave funny.

    First the board started to drive backwards even when the switch is set to forward on the controller. After opening the board up and let everything dry, everything worked fine again and I thought to myself the nightmare is over until today.

    As shown in the video, the second motor won't spin until I manually spin the wheel. This happens also when I ride the board which can be dangerous because the second motor would suddenly lose power, or in many cases gains back power and give the rider an unexpected thrust. I don't know if this is motor problem, ESC problem or connection problem. If anyone has any idea what the problem possibly is, please feel free to share your opinions.

    Thank you!


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