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Charge Cycle Count Error

Discussion in 'New Members - Say hello in here!' started by scottesk8la, Jan 1, 2019.

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  1. scottesk8la

    scottesk8la Member

    Recently I have noticed a drop off in range and power so I checked my battery life for the first time by getting into the menu on the remote. It said 279 charge cycles, which struck me as high, like it should be 1/3 of that. So I rode it once for six miles, charged it, rode it again for six miles, charged it, then checked the charge cycles again... This time it said 299! Two partial charges of just 6 miles each translated into 20 complete charge cycles!?!

    Does this indicate issues with the battery? Why is it so gravely incorrect?
  2. Jaydawg56

    Jaydawg56 Member

    Batt sag... every time your batt sags during the ride and afterwards the voltage climbs back up the BMS thinks it’s a charge cycle. BMS Sees it as a charge, we see it as cheap ass shitty batteries haha
  3. FiveFlat

    FiveFlat Member

    How do you see charge cycles? (New owner myself)
    Also noticed I can't change to reverse either... I have the remote-LCD. Not sure what version or gen number...

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