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Carbon Problems in Fast Mode

Discussion in 'Carbon' started by bahiano, Nov 27, 2018.

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  1. bahiano

    bahiano Member

    Hi all,
    maybe you have an idea what is happening to my loved Carbon... while in the fast mode it
    looses power and stops, I wait some seconds and i can continue for some seconds and it stops again and so on...
    This does not happen in the slow mode... Evolve Germany has no clue and they want to sell me a new battery incl. BMS.
    Any comments would be appreciated....

    Cheers Markus

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  2. Znuf

    Znuf Member

    Exactly the same problem. Did you have found a solution ?
  3. OP

    bahiano Member

    not yet Evolve support says a new battery would solve the issue... not yet changed it.
  4. Znuf

    Znuf Member

    This and the sudden brake scares me a lot to buy a new one.

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