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Carbon gt full body bag....where can i buy and does it fit!?

Discussion in 'Evolve Skateboards' started by GRDIAN, Mar 6, 2017.

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    GRDIAN Member

    I recently bought a bag which at first glance and by its measurements thought it would fit my board with AT wheels....when I got it it wouldnt even fit with my abecs 97mm. Does anyone have any options or know when evolve will introduce one? I have the backpack but rather have full body bag so i dont scratch or dirty up my suvs trunk (or whatever the back of my suv is called haha) thanks for any suggestions. Seems like a market thats needing to be revamped.
  2. JCW Roadster

    JCW Roadster Member

    I am able to fit my Carbon GT with AT wheels mounted, an extra set of 97mm wheels, an extra set of 83mm wheels, a full face helmet, a regular helmet, a pair of shoes, knee pads, elbow pads, crash shorts, gloves, 2 battery chargers and tool kit into this bag. I got it for $88.65 on Amazon, but it is now listed for $169. It is a great bag and even worth it at the regular price. I got a great deal, so you may want to look around:
  3. OP

    GRDIAN Member

    You bought if for 80???!!! Nice! Im looking at it now on amazon. BUT can the sector 9 lightning fit the carbon with AT wheels? Thanks!
  4. OP

    GRDIAN Member

    Awsome! Just what i wanted to know. Just got one for 120 on ebay. Finally!!

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