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Carbon GT battery upgrade 10s5p

Discussion in 'Carbon GT' started by Tad2009 UK, Sep 12, 2020.

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  1. Tad2009 UK

    Tad2009 UK Member

    A4A0FF57-7365-4896-AE3F-D71DE505CD28.jpeg Decided to upgrade battery on my evolve board.
    samsung 18650 30q (15-20a)

    After build I quickly did a test fit and it looked good, then I shrink wrap the lot. More testing and then charged up to 42V road test as fallows on GT mode :
    Total GT mode = 13.5
    Maybe in one continues burst it would of been less.

    Also original pack only did 5-6 miles tops !

    I’m having a battery sag after like 4 miles, I’m thinking of taking it all apart and upgrading nickel (adding it up)























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  2. Jamiesnew

    Jamiesnew Member

    Look good mate, you could maybe try a slight thicker positive lead to help with the sag. What thickness nickel did you use?
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  3. OP
    Tad2009 UK

    Tad2009 UK Member

    12mm .15 pure nickel. And 4mm copper cable.

    thinking of starting again and x3 same nickel. Also add another 4mm copper cable between battery series for better energy transfer ? ‍♂️

    is my first time, so I’m expecting some mistakes. One thing I don’t get how other make exactly same pack and saying that they do 30miles now on GT ?! Is just unrealistic as their used same nickel and cables.
  4. Jamiesnew

    Jamiesnew Member

    Really impressed if this is your first pack. The nickel you have used sounds the right thickness for the parallel groups as there not loads of current there anyway.. Did you test that it was real nickel as there is a lot of fake stuff around? I would have though your series connections were thick enough as well, over such a short distance. There's no way a pack like this is doing 30 miles hard riding in gt mode with at wheel, maybe with urathane wheels. The only thing might be a thicker main positive because it travels all the way down the enclosure. Also are you sure they are real samsung cells?
  5. OP
    Tad2009 UK

    Tad2009 UK Member

    • Whats the point of using thicker positive wire if main wire connection is same size. Unless like you said it has to travel longer distance there for need thicker wire, but at the when connecting to ECS it goes down to original size.

    • Cells are from Fogstar.co.uk apparently is very good website ? 7F5343DE-EB18-4E30-90A0-75539E94E497.jpeg

    • Nickel was tested upon arrival. Some people told me that this nickel only cable of 10A draw and at the end my series I already have 40A .. so Technically I should have thicker nickel (x3)

    Also I did try my best and did allot of research before purchasing all the right bits for this battery pack build. I’m a carpenter & over all very good with cars and motorcycles, battery like this is not a big deal for me.
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2020
  6. Shibz

    Shibz Member

    Does anyone have 30q packs for sale in uk?
    Or anyone that can make one?
    I have 40x30q batterys tried doing it myself and it doesn't seem to work, so please if anyone could help me out it would be much appeciated
  7. Jamiesnew

    Jamiesnew Member

    Where about in the UK are you? I do make 30q packs. How far have you got making it yourself? What is not working?
  8. Shibz

    Shibz Member

    I'm in east london, and basically i welded the pack together and connected everything and it did not power on, so i took everything apart again and didn't really have time to do it plus didn't wanna mess it up so its just been sitting there
  9. Jamiesnew

    Jamiesnew Member

    Shame you're not local,im in Leicester. Why not have another go yourself? There are some great build guides and I'm happy to help with advice. Are you sure the bms is working? Seems odd for it not to power up. Did you take any readings with a multi meter?
  10. Dude_dude

    Dude_dude Member

    Jamie - you still making packs?

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