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Carbon GT AT and Onewheel+

Discussion in 'One Wheel' started by Jaco, Jan 29, 2017.

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  1. Jaco

    Jaco Member

    I already ordered a GT with all terrain tires and should get it in the next 2/3 weeks. I'm also thinking of pre-ordering the Onewheel+ (there is a discount if you pre-order by 31 Jan)
    The plan is to ride the GT when it is dry and the Onewheel+ when it is wet/muddy, which is most of the Winter where I live in New Zealand.
    Is there anyone on this forum that own a evolve all terrain and a onewheel? what do you think? Is it worth getting both?
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  2. teddy702

    teddy702 Member

    Just a comment to your post. If you can afford it buy both. I don't own a one wheel, but I own a few different longboards with different wheel set ups and different lengths. I enjoy them all. Each set up gives a different feel and ride. Seem like you have a distinct reason for getting both, so I would think buying both would work well for your situation.
  3. Alex

    Alex Admin

    I don't think Andy owns a one wheel, but has definitely used one. Was it Jason that owns the one wheel that was at Cyclopark Andy?

    Dave may have one? He's got a few interesting gadgets to ride.
  4. Andy

    Andy Mod

    Yeah I've used Jason's one-wheel a couple of times and is great fun once you get used to how it moves. Lotta fun for sure. Not something I'd commute or travel serious distance with or wanna run out battery but if you afford to get both then I would! :ok_hand: Mind you I'd rather have Carbon GT in AT setup and Bamboo GT in street setup first! ;p
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  5. Alex

    Alex Admin

    Yeah, I see people riding them in the states and they seem like fun for a bit, but I really can't see them being that comfortable as a commuting device. Could be wrong though.
  6. OP

    Jaco Member

    I had my first rides on the Onewheel+ today. The ride feels like something between snowboarding and surfing, it is addictive.
  7. wiztecy

    wiztecy Member

    I'm also picking up a onewheel+, ordered yesterday and coming next week. I too have been curious about them and baffled by how odd they look. My reasoning is the same, for rainy / wet days. Since its a hub motor and the axle stands higher than a skateboard axle, the bearings and internals should fair much better. I setup my Metoboard and made it very water-resistant, good enough that I was riding it in down pours and through puddles / run off. However the biggest issue after I protected my motor controller properly were the wheel bearings followed by the motor bearings. You toast them pretty damn good. I ended up destroying my motor since the bearings were going out and I kept riding it, hard, up in SF tackling the big hills.

    One thing to look out for is that I've been reading the onewheel community forums. Quite a few riders are seeing dangerous situations with the onewheel + / v2 has versus the v1 original. They're encountering the nose diving or off power while riding 9+ mph which causes the front to plant into the ground and sending you off. Some are suspecting that its just that it has a faster motor, I'm thinking there's just a bug in there they need to address. They noted the v1 had issues early on too and they listened to the users and updated the firmware. The firmware is upgrade/updatable by the user which is good. So when I do get mine I'll take caution for sure, my GT was a nightmare with issues/bugs beyond any fixes so I got my money back and picked up a Trampa build which I love to death. Future Motion who makes the onewheel is right down the street from me, so if I do encounter any issue I'll just take a ride down there to discuss and hopefully fix.

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