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Can you make All Terrain go as fast as Street

Discussion in 'Bamboo GTR' started by Bryan B, Jul 19, 2019.

  1. Bryan B

    Bryan B Member

    It seems counterintuitive to me that the All Terrain setup of the GTR has a lower top speed than the Street setup. The fastest I’ve been able to push my new All Terrain GTR is 21mph, while the advertised top speed of the Street setup is 26mph. Is there a way to get to 26mph with the All Terrain setup?
  2. rawbb

    rawbb Member

  3. Kaup30

    Kaup30 Member

    Smaller gear + Bigger wheel = higher speed

    Try the new 47t Evolve gear with your 7” tires. Noticeable change in torque (unless you use custom settings) but overall top speed will increase. Can go to 8” tire if more speed required!

    I’m not an engineer/scientist/or even college grad.. so post your results for all of us!
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  4. Your appetite for speed will come if you lower the gearing but increase or stay at the same wheel size, however it will negatively affect both torque and acceleration. However theres a caveat to this. Not sure if it'll work for the AT setup but it worked for the street 97mm setup.

    I upgraded to the 200kv racestars and my god the top speed was insane. 3/4 throttle I was hitting 30ish mph and it still had more to go, however it negatively affected the braking, acceleration and torque up hills. Almost got hit by a car twice because the braking curve wouldnt allow me to stop immediately. I began messing around with gearing and instead of the stock 32Ts I went up to 40T. Braking is increased, torque is massive, and it accelerates like a rocket but still has a better top speed than stock, full battery goes about which 29-32mph, half battery it gets up to 28 mph. Still 2mph faster than stock and much more exciting. I am 230lbs so my answer is mess with the gearing, go too low and yes you'll have a great top speed, but everything else sucks. If you still have the original 150kv, I would suggest going to the 47s or maybe a bit lower for better top speed. Got my 40Ts from Stayzi from Esk8 builders, he has an EBay page. He 3D prints them and can do them in a variety of tooth combinations. However Skate Kastle just came along and have a couple of options for gearing as well. SK is more expensive but the gears are made of aircraft aluminum, not 3D printed plastics. Well worth the price

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