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Buy a board from ...?

Discussion in 'Bamboo GTR' started by luco, Mar 27, 2020.

  1. luco

    luco Member


    Bamboo GTR: 1629 AU$ (or 994U$) - Carbon is 1729 AU$ (1055U$)
    The prices for a GTR board are close to half the price we see in US or Canada... Surely there must be a way to buy from there...? I understand everyone needs to make a bit of money... but A bit... not A lot!...Anyone tried this ?

  2. Louis. F

    Louis. F Member

    you can't ship a battery overseas, hence the extra price. they ship them in containers by the hundreds to their local distributors. if you ask evolve aus they will say no
  3. OP

    luco Member

    ...I just ordered a battery from China. 10s4p. It might take a while to arrive, but it will. Shipping was around 30 bucks...

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