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Bushings help pls

Discussion in 'Skate Equipment, Safety Gear & Spares' started by Wildthing, May 2, 2020.

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  1. Wildthing

    Wildthing Member

    Hi I got some orangutan nipples bushings but there’s no way I can see for them to go on any help


  2. Bigmama

    Bigmama Member

    I think you got the install wrong, the top Orange one should be installed on the bottoms road King pin.
  3. OP

    Wildthing Member

    I’ll have ago again today there don’t seem to be enough thread on king pin either way tho
  4. OP

    Wildthing Member

    No chance of getting them on so I put the old ones back on
  5. Bigmama

    Bigmama Member

    Check this link, you should have one bushing and one cone shaped for each side front and rear.

  6. The second kingpin doesn't have enough threads. You are going to have to keep the stock cone or barrel bushings that Evolve gave you. Depends if you want to carve more or have a better center of gravity and the turning is more progressive than sharp when comparing barrels to cones


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