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Breaks grabbing

Discussion in 'General Eskate Chat' started by Woodoo, Jul 22, 2019.

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  1. Woodoo

    Woodoo Member

    I'm having an issue where my breaks on my gtx won't engage at high speeds until the break has been pushed to half way, maybe a little less then they just slam on. This board just came back from evolve I tried to get them to fix it they say its working as it should. I got the feeling they didn't want to know...have had so many issues with this 6 month old gtx it's really disappointing on top of that evolve wouldn't cover repair costs and tryed every trick to get out of honoring there warranty.. Sad as I have been a huge fan
  2. That's a new one! I had an issue where if you barely touched the breaks at high speed they grabbed. Evolve sent me a new R2 no questions asked and all has been well since. Do you have an R1 to test to see if it's the board or remote?
  3. OP

    Woodoo Member

    They also occasionally do the grab with minimal input as well. Thanks for the advice I'll have a go with the R1 remote. I think from memory I had trouble pairing the R1 with the gtx... I'll have a try again perhaps it is the remote.
  4. Mine was. I'm hoping yours is just as simple as my issue. Let me know if that works?
  5. Nick@Evolve

    Nick@Evolve Member

    Hi woohoo,
    If you're using the R2, you can re-check your trigger settings.
    Also keep in mind that at higher speeds the brakes may grab a little stronger.
  6. Nick is right there. Had a throttle issue after a crash. Recalibrating the throttle and brake fixed it.
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