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Breaks go into full lock?

Discussion in 'General Eskate Chat' started by rally07sti, Aug 4, 2019.

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  1. Wilj

    Wilj Member

    That is horrible man. So so crap to hear. I hope you heal up ok, physically/mentally and got some great people around ya. They are serious injuries though and will take a solid effort attitude to turn it around for yourself. You'll have to.
    Their trash board injured me twice and I got extremely lucky to have not been hospitalised also because I landed on flat concrete the first time and a clear road the second time whilst sliding on my wrist guards and helmet. I would have been destroyed with out them but got away with whiplash and roadrash. I regret trusting them to "fix" it after the first time.
    Their staff will flat out deny it is an issue. Their service around their products issues is atrocious to say the least, and They should be held accountable. I haven't got anything to do with eboards since getting my money back- completely lost respect for it all.
    Man I feel bad you've got these serious injuries mate. It's not right. You should be compensated imo
  2. scottp1212!

    scottp1212! Member

    Same thing happened to me 6 weeks ago. I still cannot walk. I broke my femur and my right arm. Out of nowhere, the brakes locked up and I went flying off. I hit the curb and rolled onto a sidewalk. I was in surgery 6 hours later with a titanium rod in my femur. Not good!
  3. scottp1212!

    scottp1212! Member

    Same thing happened to me. I’m still recovering from a broken femur and broken right arm.
  4. scottp1212!

    scottp1212! Member

    Thanks for the reply. This has been a tough one to overcome. I loved riding that board and never knew this was a risk. I should have done more research before buying!
  5. SparkleE.

    SparkleE. Member

    FYI with my CGTR series 1 and my BGTR series 1 I had some weird behavior with remote seeming to disconnect and they reconnect, and my braking inputs going off and on in that process. Couldn’t figure out the cause. Couple of years, two boards, maybe 6-8X. Then met Jeff the founder at an event last spring, shared my experiences, he suggested it might be my battery was at overcharging point. Yep, I tested and that was it: when I started my all-downhill ride to the local park with my dog, and battery was at 100%, I’d get that behavior.

    i bought a BH and tried that scenario and didn’t get that behavior.

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