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Breaks go into full lock?

Discussion in 'General Eskate Chat' started by rally07sti, Aug 4, 2019.

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  1. rally07sti

    rally07sti Member

    Hay Everyone!!! Not trying to bring up anything negative about the brand. Let me tell you I've had a chance to ride a carbon fiber GT for 2 weeks now. It has been an absolute dream and a lot of FUN!!! When reading on your foram. I ran across a thread talking about brakes going into full auto lock without drivers in put? With more research it seems like a real problem. Not just someone trying to bash evolve. The question I have, is this a real problem? Has evolved fix the problem or do the new boards have the same problem? I have also wrote evolve the same question. Which I'm sure they will deny ever happened. Lord knows if I get hurt on one of these boards I'll be out of work and my family will starve. I had so much fun but this topic really scares me away from perching one. I'm looking for your input and any information on this topic?
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  2. xrayturner

    xrayturner Member


    I can only say that I have had my CGT for over two years and never had an issue. At this point I have replaced the battery and upgraded the remote from R1 to R2, never mind the many wheel changes. Now during the R1 remote days there was an issue with commands queuing when the remote lost connection to the board. This was a pretty big problem for some. What would occur was you are pressing buttons trying to get something to happen not realizing the commands were queuing up to then be executed when the board and remote synced back up. The R1 had the four modes for going forward but also a mode for going into reverse. Sometimes people clicked enough to que going into reverse. When the board and remote synced up it set them flying off the board appearing to “lock the brakes”. With the introduction of the R2 remote this became a non-issue, they removed reverse. I have not heard of “brakes locking up” with the R2 but this is what I know to date. As always these board are fun but they are also powerful so please wear protection and at a minimum a helmet. I ended up going from a normal skateboard helmet to a half DOT approved helmet. Partially because a police office that pulled me over on the board recommended it but also because the board really does require more than the standard skateboard in safety gear. Hope this helps and enjoy the board. Take Care.

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  3. OP

    rally07sti Member

    Hey thank you so much for your reply.
  4. Bryan B

    Bryan B Member

    I’ve had my Bamboo GTR All Terrain for about a month and I’ve not had a braking issue.
  5. Never had an issue with mine either. Turner js right, have had mine for close to half a year or more.
  6. Skipsey

    Skipsey Member

    I was told by Evolve that even the slightest bump with the controller can make it go out of “alinement” so whenever you think you have bumped it you should reset the control to zero
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  7. Chopsider

    Chopsider Member

    Yea I be had my cgt for 2 years , upgraded the battery, same r1 controller since I got it and never had an isssue , but after reading this thread I gonna get the r2 I think
  8. xrayturner

    xrayturner Member

    Chopsider - I have been really happy with the R2 remote, its a smoother operating remote. I have a trigger guard on my R1 and for awhile I would take it with me but not any longer. Evolve did a good job addressing the issues with the R1 so I would be surprised if you don't like the upgrade. Enjoy
  9. markm

    markm Member

    IM HAVING A SIMILAR ISSUE I PUT THROTTLE ON TO ESCAPE oops caps on, and i get a burst of power then its as if all power goes . and the board would stop, but i re pull the trigger and its fine, but when it does this i Crap my self
  10. markm

    markm Member

    forgot to add, R2 remote updated.
  11. SuitCommute

    SuitCommute Member

    The R2 remote has a trigger reset function, and on more than 1 occasion, I've reset the triggers backwards.
    But otherwise, I've not had any manufacturers issues.
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  12. xrayturner

    xrayturner Member

    Skater people – On a side note and many posts ago I had an issue where the board and the remote (R2) didn’t sync so I started reading the posts in the forums. I read what is the “proper way” of power off your board and remote. I follow this procedure and never have any syncing, version, trigger settings or other issues. What you do is:

    1. Press the power button on the board to turn off the board.

    2. Press the power button on the remote and keep it depressed until you feel the remote vibrate slightly three times.

    Obviously you power the board on first and then the remote to power on the board but I thought the procedure was worth sharing. Maybe I am just lucky of got a gem of a board but other than general maintenance and previously stated wheels, gears and battery changes I haven’t had any technical issue.

    Enjoy your day and Skate On!
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  13. markm

    markm Member

    turned out brake swith has now decided not to return to the off position fully, so the board thinks the brkes are on, so it cuts power, New remote sorted it, repairing my old remote as a spare but its sussed
  14. markm

    markm Member

    M HAVING A SIMILAR ISSUE I PUT THROTTLE ON TO ESCAPE oops caps on, and i get a burst of power then its as if all power goes . and the board would stop, but i re pull the trigger and its fine, but when it does this i Crap my self see above for fix
  15. Wilj

    Wilj Member

    THIS JUST HAPPENED to me the day before yesterday. I’d been riding for about 15minutes, including a few minutes rest. The board was working beautifully. Best fun.


    I was travelling at 35kmh on a straight flat cement path (with AT wheels on my Bamboo GTR, battery around 60%) and then THE WHEELS LOCKED WITHOUT WARNING. Before i knew it i was scratching along the cement. Can you ******* Imagine that? It actually would have been hilarious to see!

    When i picked my self up two ladies who were driving past had stopped and turned around. They witnessed the whole thing and were obviously concerned and offered a lift. I said nah its ok ill just freewheel it back to my car.

    So they left and i went back to pick up my board which was still stopped back in the middle of the path. My controller was not connected anymore. My boards blue light was now flashing instead of solid, AND THE BACK WHEELS ARE STILL LOCKED UP. I can rotate them with two handed force but they won’t freewheel at all- this confirms i did not hit the brakes myself! So I’m now bleeding alone and I carry the board on my shoulder back to my car a kilometre away.

    I never had faults with my board, and it literally is my favourite thing. I promote the **** out of it to everybody i can, I take better care of every piece of it than myself, ensuring that it is always safe and ready before i ride. I take precaution in wearing protective gear too.

    I have LOVED the last 6months of riding my BGTR and i am still in disbelief, I cannot believe this is happening to people. It’s a catastrophic malfunction and something is wrong.

    I was so lucky this happened where it happened- on a clean smooth cement path with no solid objects around to **** me right up.

    As well as skate shoes and long pants, I had a left hand wrist guard and my helmet which I’m so grateful for- otherwise I’d Be in hospital or a bloody box. In hindsight i wish i had more PPE on, it is a mistake not too, every time. I should wear all pads and gloves as well as helmet.

    I’m missing skin, rashed up my shoulder, i have whiplash, my wrist guard and pants are torn up and my helmet is now broken and cooked.


    Ive contacted the Evolve store where i purchased the board and he has asked me to send it back to them, along with a report, so that they can determine what went wrong before making the repairs. I asked him how do they expect me to ever have confidence in my “repaired” GTR?? I asked the guy if he would get on it and ride it knowing that it could happen without warning?? He didn’t answer but said it can be fixed.

    So I’m now in the middle of packing it up to send back and filling out my report. But I’m wounded with damaged goods, and out of pocket with no Eboard.

    This has destroyed the trust i had for my board i told him, and i don’t want it. He told me he’s stacked heaps of things and is always nervous getting back on but does, and you know what- i am the same, I will take responsibility for my own mistakes and get back to what i love. BUT this was not a user error and completely unpredictable- THE BRAKES SUDDENLY ENGAGED FULLY AND BOARD DISCONNECT WHEN TRAVELLING AT ANY SPEED, and they’re still locked up- are you kidding me? This is a code red malfunction and should be impossible! I’m lucky I wasn’t bombing a bitumen hill or passing trees/posts or a park bench.

    I will ride Eboard again one day, but not until this is fixed for everybody!

    As you can tell I’m pissed off. And I’m gutted. I’m never getting back on this particular Eboard and i wouldn’t let anyone else. I got so lucky and others have had this happen to them and haven’t been as fortunate to which I’m much further saddened. I’m so sorry you’ve been ****** up badly people. I’m sorry guys to rip on this board too because i love riding it so much!

    If vehicles of any sort have similar issues they get recalled. They bloody get recalled until there is a guarantee that this does not happen ever. I love Evolve and their mission, but that will change if this is not rectified appropriately and promptly.

    Ill be contacting every single person i can over time who’s had this same issue and updating this thread If required. Ive got the time.

    I also have a video of the board with its ceased wheels and disconnection flashing light. Location details. Witnesses. Photos and videos of my wounds.

    I am in pain, i cant work, and cant wipe my arse properly nor feed and clean myself easily for the rest of the week at least, but grateful I’m not seriously injured. Pain and scars dont bother me too much, but now i have to challenge evolve to rebuild my trust in their products because absolutely i want an Eboard, just not one that does this! How are you going to fix this evolve? And how are you going to work with the people who’ve experienced this, to rebuild their trust? There is a right way, and it will take time. We have time, so lets do it right, right??

    Btw- It cost me over $2100 to buy this BGTR alone. Ive had it since September 2019. And it still looks and feels in good condition- i ride street wheels more often.

    Please message me ASAP for any details if you like or have experienced this life threatening malfunction
  16. xrayturner

    xrayturner Member


    Sounds like your motors are ceased; can you turn the wheel when there is no power? I would be interested in what Evolve finds. You state “Ill be contacting every single person i can over time who’s had this same issue and updating this thread If required.” If that’s the case maybe you should start a new thread specific to your issue.

    I hope you heal soon and sorry to hear you are in pain. I have broken enough bones on my regular skateboards to know there is a risk every time you get on a board. Continue to wear protective gear, stay safe and ride on!


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