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Brand New GTR A/T - motor clicking noise and remote issues

Discussion in 'Bamboo GTR' started by Bryan B, Jul 19, 2019.

  1. Bryan B

    Bryan B Member

    I got my new Bamboo GTR yesterday. Right away I noticed a clicking sound in the motor that has me worried. Also, sometimes when I let off of the speed trigger (like when I’m coasting) for a few seconds, and then pull the trigger again, nothing happens. The remote seems to have lost connection. If I try another time or two, it connects again. It’s not a major problem because it’s only a problem for 2 or 3 seconds - I don’t have to power the board or remote off & back on or anything like that. But it’s still odd to me. Anyone else experiencing either of these issues? Are there quick explanations and/or remedies?
  2. Cleto

    Cleto Member

    Hi, about the board, I don’t know if you ever had an Evolve before, but they make a little clicking sound when they move. Those are the belts, my old GTX did the same sound and my BoostedBoard too.
    But I am experiencing the same issues than you with the remote, sometimes, when I let go o f the trigger and re accelerate, it will just not go. I'm really disappointed, since I bought this board to be rid of the issues the GTX had (mainly remote issues).
    What I think might be is that my old GTX was no suttle, when you would let go of the throttle and wanted to re accelerate you would get pushed back because it was very abrupt. The way they fixed this with the new remote on the new boards is that when you re accelerate you have to press the trigger almost to the end, making acceleration more progressive, maybe that is interfering with re acceleration and sometimes y doesn't do anything.
  3. David

    David Member

    I have felt the same thing with my new Carbon GTR All terrain. And I think my GT did the same { Momentary accelerator trigger not functioning} I thought it was just my improper use of R2 remote. I will be watching for it now, to see if some kind of sequence of accelerating and braking is the cause. Minor gripe , but makes you kinda go Hmmmm. Love my GTR and R2 remote range . Congrats to all the Evolve team. New Stoke board looks awesome too.
  4. Cleto

    Cleto Member

    Yeah, the board and the remote are great, but I bought the new GTR to replace my GTX just because the GTR fixed all the GTX issues. So I'm kind of bummed.
  5. Zygi

    Zygi Member

    Put some oil on the wheel bearings. I had exact same issue with brand new board.
  6. OP
    Bryan B

    Bryan B Member

    Zygi, just put oil ON the bearing? Or do you mean I should open the bearing and put oil IN it? I’d be surprised if oil on the outside of the bearing could help, but I’ll try anything!

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