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Brand new Bamboo GTR - 2 WEEKS OLD

Discussion in 'Bamboo GTR' started by Jollyrajer92, Mar 25, 2020 at 3:05 AM.

  1. Jollyrajer92

    Jollyrajer92 Member


    My board has been fine until tonight. I went about 6.5miles and then the board just randomly cuts power off. When I check the board the power button is pressed in but the power is off.

    I have to press the power button countless times sometimes takes over a minute to power back on even when pressing the power button on and off.

    I've noticed that this mainly occurs in GTR mode from a full stop when I pull the trigger.

    With that said the remote is on but not connected when this occurs. It just loses connection with the board obviously.

    The other thing that started happening is it almost sounds like the belts are buzzing when I press the brakes but I've thoroughly checked and rechecked the belts and the belt tension and everything seems fine.


    Thank you!

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