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Boosted Boards - 2nd Generation Service Video: How to Change a Battery

Discussion in 'Boosted Boards' started by Boosted Board YouTube, Mar 17, 2017.

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  1. Boosted Board YouTube

    Boosted Board YouTube YouTube Bot

  2. Alex

    Alex Admin

    It seems they could have used thumbscrews similar to the back of a PC case instead flat countersunk ones so make the screw removal tooless perhaps.

    Seems a bit fiddly that you have to use a zip tie and scissors to attach a battery connector clip each time too?

    Not exactly a hot swap.
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  3. skedaddle

    skedaddle Member

    If we could get spare batteries, it would be easier while on the move to swap out power on the CarbonGT, same six screws to start, pop the lid and then disconnect used battery and reconnect new battery, replace lid, done.

    Agree this whole zip tie, scissor thing is whack!
  4. REdwards

    REdwards Member

    Useful video. Thanks for sharing!

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